Jaclyn John Awarded NASA Space Grant

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, May 17, 2022

    Jaclyn John was selected as a 2022 NASA Space Grant recipient based on her proposal submission, "NASA Outreach Taking Flight." Jaclyn's project will begin by creating an optical sciences course for 4th through 7th-grade students that will be permanently added to a Summer STEM Class program called Nerding. It will follow the same format as the other Nerding courses and be half-day, week-long classes involving hands-on science experiments. Next, Jaclyn will take her work in this course even further by adapting the curriculum to explain the fundamental operating principles of the thermal polarimeter she currently uses in her research​. This course will be taught in the Student Airborne Science Activation (SaSa) program, a NASA summer program for undergraduates coming from minority-serving institutions.

    Jaclyn excitedly described this portion of the project giving more detail about how her NASA Space Grant will impact SaSa, "I’ll be sending them educational versions of the components in the instrument I use for research and flying with them aboard a NASA aircraft to discuss the instrument theory as it takes data from the plane. Then, I will remain connected to those students through LinkedIn and invite them to the Wyant College Winter School. The goal of the project is to get as many students, from various ages and backgrounds, to get excited about optics!"

    Read Jaclyn's proposal here. Jaclyn's advisor Meredith Kupinski is grateful for the NASA Space Grant​ support and states, "Jaclyn will represent OSC proudly in her "classroom in the sky". Can you imagine being an undergraduate student on a NASA aircraft with a graduate researcher conducting her first instrument deployment? I wouldn't be surprised if she recruits them all to join OSC. Congratulations Jaclyn and I look forward to analyzing the data together for your first publication." 

    Congratulations, Jaclyn!