New 2020 - 2021 SOCk Officers

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, April 21, 2020

    Welcome and congratulations to the newest SOCk Officers! And thank you to all the amazing officers who led SOCk in the 2019 - 2020 school year. 

    President: Cedar Andre
    Vice President: Jaren Ashcraft
    Secretary: Kira Purvin
    Treasurer: Juan Inostroza
    Academic Chairs: Madeline Bergay and Sebastian Valencia
    Social Chairs: Jacob Barker and Noa Nishizawa
    Outreach Chairs: Avalon McLeod and Dani Trontz

    A big thank you to our 2019-2020 officers! We had an awesome year! Thank you for your time and effort in hosting Prism Week with WiO, dog days, poster workshops with WiO and POW, our first SOCkschange, representing our college at numerous outreach events, and organizing many great Community Speakers!

    To those that are graduating, we wish you the best on your next adventure!

    President: Maryam Baker, 4th year PhD student
    Vice President: Erin Clark, 2nd year MS student (graduating)
    Secretary: Cedar Andre, Senior (graduating)
    Treasurer: Jilian Nguyen, 2nd year MS student (graduating) & Jaren Ashcraft (interim), 1st year PhD student

    Academic Chairs:

    Tyler Mills, Senior (graduating)
    Marcos Esparza, 2nd year PhD student

    Outreach Chairs:

    Kali Gagné, Senior (graduating)
    Kira Purvin, Senior (graduating)

    Social Chairs:

    Josh McDonald, Senior (graduating)
    Matt Noyes, 2nd year MS student (graduating)

    More from the new officers!

    President: Cedar Andre, Senior

    "As president, I hope to continue fostering community within the student body and help this college feel like a place of belonging for all who attend here. We've got a great team of officers this year, and I'm very much looking forward to working with them all this coming year."

    Vice President: Jaren Ashcraft, 1st year PhD student

    “Hi! I'm a rising 2nd-year Ph.D. student and I'll be serving as your Vice President for the coming academic year. I'm incredibly excited to help with the management of the great annual activities that SOCk runs, as well as work with students to cultivate new programs that support the student body's academic and social environment.”

    Secretary: Kira Purvin, Senior

    “Hello! My name is Kira Purvin and I'm so excited to be serving as the Secretary for SOCk this year.  I love being apart of everything SOCk does and I'm really looking forward to helping bring everyone's ideas to life. We have an amazing leadership team this year that I can't wait to get involved with!”

    Treasurer: Juan Inostroza, Sophomore

    “As the incoming Treasurer of SOCk, I am looking forward to engaging in the financial affairs of this amazing organization! I am excited to be a reliable member of the SOCk board and I will do my very best to fit into the Treasurer role. I am ready to plan, manage, and report all financial duties that come my way without hesitation. I am also thrilled to meet and socialize with the other incoming SOCk officers so as to establish fellowship within our club!”

    Academic Chairs:

    Madeline Bergay, Sophomore

    “I’m looking forward to being an Academic Chair so that I can have a hand in putting together useful presentations for students! In this past year there were some community speakers I found very useful, and others that were very useful to other student.  Mostly, I’m just excited to helping SOCk continue to put together fantastic presentations that benefit Optics Students!”

    Sebastian Valencia, Sophomore

    "I am looking forward to collaborating with our community speakers and being able to set up our community speaker sessions. I love the idea of bringing together many parts of the optics community and learn of the many things they have to share. Being an Academic Chair will also allow me to be directly involved with the success of my peers which is definitely something I am looking forward to!"

    Outreach Chairs:

    Dani Trontz, Sophomore

    “My name is Dani Trontz and I am a current sophomore in the Optical Engineering program. I am so excited to have been elected as one of the Outreach Chairs for Sock and am looking forward to this next school year! As Outreach chair I want to focus on getting more of our students involved and excited about outreach as well as create an Optical Demo YouTube channel so that future students can have a reference to the many many demos we are accessible to. I’m really excited to inspire the next generation of optics students!”

    Avalon McLeod, Sophomore

    “I am looking forward to bringing the wonderful world of optics to the people of Tucson. I am especially excited to introduce our field to local schools, and of course I cannot wait for Laser Fun Day!”

    Social Chairs:

    Jacob Barker, 1st year PhD student

    “I'm excited to be one of the new social chairs. During my undergraduate degree I saw how important it was to take a break from the classroom and the lab to socialize with others. I am a firm believer of living a well balanced life and I am excited to help to provide opportunities within SOCk for everyone to get out of the day to day routine and have some fun!”

    Noa Nishizawa, Sophomore

    "I can't wait to create and organize new social events to integrate all levels of students into the SOCk community. SOCk will continue to be a valuable resource to all of us and provide us the opportunities to build stronger relationships and friendships within Optical Sciences!"