Optical Alignment Seminar

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, January 17, 2018
    The College of Optical Sciences is happy to present an 8-week seminar that launches with speaker Ken Castle, Ph.D., president of Ruda-Cardinal, Inc.
    Ken Castle will present in the Meinel Building, Room 305 on Friday, January 19th from 11am-12pm.
    Ken is a graduate of the UofA Optics department, receiving his PhD in 1985. He then worked with Dr. Mitch Ruda (1979) and Dr. Tilman Stuhlinger (1984) for a small California company, Talandic Research, but in the Tucson branch office. In 1994, they formed Ruda &. Associates followed in 2001 with a sister company, Cardinal Optics. In 2010, the two companies were merged to form Ruda-Cardinal, Inc., where Ken is President and Tilman is Vice-president.
    Mitch developed an optical alignment short course that he taught for many years at SPIE conferences across the country. With Mitch's passing in 2013, Ken is now teaching the same course at similar conferences. This Optical Alignment Seminar is based on this same course. Optical alignment is a subject rarely taught in a university setting; as a result, this represents a unique opportunity to learn about a subject that people run into all of time in industry without knowing what to do about it. 
    We shall discuss tools used in alignment, aberrations seen that allow better diagnosis of alignment errors, alignment of off-axis aspheres, different methods for aligning a Cassegrain telescope, and several tricks learned over 30+ years of experience. 
    Students may earn credit as an independent study during this seminar series, to learn more contact Professor José Sasián.