OSC Associate Professor Invited to Federal Communications Commission’s Quantum Internet Forum

    Date Posted: 
    Saturday, December 12, 2020

    On December 15th, Saikat Guha joined leaders from academia, industry, and government to discuss state-of-the-art quantum networking research and development that will create greater understanding about the quantum Internet at the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Quantum Internet Forum. This forum is anticipated to bring to light ways that the public and private sectors can help lead the USA to success in the new Internet of the future.

    The forum highlights how data security is brought to new heights using foundational laws of physics in combination with quantum networks’ specialized abilities. This is something that no current communications technologies can promise and is highly sought after in today’s world.

    OSC Associate Professor and Director of the newly funded Engineering Research Center for Quantum Networks (CQN), Saikat Guha, was invited by the FCC to serve as an expert panelist in Panel 1: The Quantum Internet: Theory and Applications. His unique knowledge and experience with quantum networks research and the revolutionary impact they aim to have on future communications technology added to the panel discussion and the excitement for the future of this technology.

    As the director of CQN Saikat Guha and his team work towards the initiative underscored by the White House National Quantum Coordination Office, “A Strategic Vision for America’s Quantum Networks.” His expertise in the special forum’s topic ties the University of Arizona and the Wyant College of Optical Sciences to the country’s future technological leadership and security.

    The FCC underscores this importance on the forum’s website stating, “quantum information processing harnesses the unique quantum mechanical properties of superposition and entanglement to build systems that promise to revolutionize information processing.”

    Chairman Pai said of the FCC and the selected topic, “Quantum technologies have the potential to shape the Internet of the future with respect to secure services and capabilities…I look forward to hearing from academia, industry, and our government partners and learning more about quantum’s potential importance to communications networks.” Saikat Guha joins the panel with three additional experts in the field Paul G. Kwiat, University of Illinois; Marco Pistoia, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; and Sanyogita Shamsunder, Verizon. Find the synopsis of the form and additional panelists and topics here.