OSC Illuminating the Festival of Books

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    College of Optical Sciences at the 2016 Tucson Festival of Books

    Over the course of the March 12-13 Tucson Festival of Books, 800 attendees visited the College of Optical Sciences' booth entitled Light: Sources & Spectra within the Science of Tomorrow neighborhood. Using diffraction glasses, visitors viewed a variety of light spectra including Tungsten, fluorescent and white-light LEDs. In addition, visitors were able to view various spectra displayed by an Ocean Optics spectrometer. 

    A very big thank you to SPIE for providing the diffraction glasses and holographic bookmarks. We could not have had such a successful event without the dedication of our student, faculty and staff volunteers, so we want to thank students Liliana Ruiz Diaz, Karen Ward, Sander Zandbergen, Andrew Rocha, Isela Howlett, Genevieve Gish Allouche, Jilian Nguyen, Colton Bigler, Kaitlyn Williams; staff Melissa Sarmiento Ayala and Ameé Hennig; and Professor Mike Nofziger.

    Photos of the event are available in our photo section.