Recognizing Outstanding Staff

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, April 16, 2015

    OSC proudly announces its latest Staff Recognition Program award recipients: Ruth Corcoran, Jennifer Garcia and Susan Nares.

    Susan, Ruth and Jennifer receive their awards

    Jen and Ruth received Spot Recognition awards for their incredible work in early March, when the Academic Programs office was tasked with both the Industrial Affiliates Workshop and graduate student recruitment in the same week.

    From Jen's nomination letter:

    She went the extra mile to make the week successful, which was especially challenging due to the sudden departure of the grad adviser, Justin Parker, and a member of the AP team was out sick most of this week. The grad recruitment was under the purview of the grad adviser, but she had to take most of this event under her wing to ensure its success. ... [T]here were some warts due to this challenge, but she was able to direct us to alleviate them and the event went off well-received by the attendees (of both events).

    From Ruth's nomination letter:

    Ruth stepped forward to help Jen Garcia in this challenging week. First she took on the responsibility of doing the incoming grad student biographies that were the job of the Grad Advisor. She did these admirably. ... Second, without anyone having to ask, she stayed late into the evening on Friday during the GR event to help with the dinner. She provided a sizable amount of breathing space for Jen (and me) so that the event ran without a hitch. This help was beyond the pale since she had not been scheduled to do it, but the above curveballs hit us, her help was greatly appreciated (and needed). It is this type of work, stepping up even when unasked that the spot awards are to recognize.

    Susan received the college's first-quarter Peer-to-Peer Recognition award, as nominated by her co-worker Brianna Moreno.

    From her letter:

    As the admin in charge of the colloquium series during this semester, Susan has greatly added to her workload. One of Susan's top priorities when setting up the colloquium series has been the expenses. She has done her best to ensure that expenses are kept at a minimum while still maintaining quality.

    Being the point person for colloquium, Susan has done an excellent job creating a warm, welcoming, and professional atmosphere for our visitors. This starts with the first email she sends out all the way to the day of the talk.

    ... Sharing an office with Susan, I can hear how frustrating some situations might be, but she never lets them get to her. She always puts her best face forward and offers an outstanding first impression of our college.

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