Senior Design Projects Successful

    Date Posted: 
    Friday, July 31, 2020

    The Wyant College is proud of the determination and perseverance displayed by OSC seniors in navigating the pandemic while completing their senior design projects. Students faced a variety of challenges from shipping delays to the inability to meet in person. Through it all, a way was found to complete projects and present them. Read more about the how students made it work. Watch the virtual presentations.

    Congratulations, seniors! In total, 33 seniors from the Wyant College of Optical Sciences participated in Senior Design Day on 24 different Engineering Design Day Teams out of 115 Teams. Great work! Check out the full Craig M. Berge Engineering Design Day 2020 Booklet.

    Featured in the article above are two projects with OSC students and mentors, Team 19075 and Team 19037. Mike Nofziger and Ben Cromey mentored these projects. Students from Optical Sciences who participated in these projects were: Noah Hamstra, Zachary Rovig, and Sabrina Bachelier

    Congratulations to all the Optical Sciences Participants!

    Page 14: Kali Gagne & Ryan Knox
    Page 16: Pengyu Liu
    Page 18: Cedar Glen Andre & Evan William Mekenney
    Page 19: Ryan Andrew Bunyard
    Page 22: Noah Hamstra & Zachary Thomas Rovig
    Page 26: Nathan Scott Gottesman & Kian Milani
    Page 29: George A. Smith
    Page 30: Timothy Isaac Falter & Benjamin Le
    Page 31: Kira Marie Purvin & Melissa Marie Schmitt
    Page 34: Shayla Griggs
    Page 35: Micah Sagan Mann
    Page 36: Davis Sparks
    Page 37: Josephine May Maxwell
    Page 39: Diana Michelle Garland
    Page 40: Sabrina Bachelier
    Page 41: Craig Thomas Draper
    Page 42: Joshua Paul McDonald & Elias John Salay
    Page 43: Steven Paul Santaniello
    Page 45: Johnathan Thomas Mack
    Page 48: Isaiah Stefan Engle
    Page 49: Tyler Mills & Zachary Kirch
    Page 50: Erik Evans & Zack Hatfield
    Page 53: Kyler Ray Langworthy & Momoka Sugimura