Seniors Make Strong Showing at Engineering Design Day

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    The University celebrated its 13th annual Engineering Design Day on Tuesday, and our B.S. in OSE seniors acquitted their expertise well.

    An image of Nintendo's Mario character is projected onto a white sheet of paper

    Taking part in the award-winning interdisciplinary teams were the following:

    • Sean Ashley (Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies Award for Best Use of Prototyping for "Delivery of an Endovascular Device for a Bifurcating Vascular Anatomy")
    • Adam Blumer (II-VI Optical Systems Award for Best Use of Optical Design and Technology and Honeywell Award for Excellence in Aerospace Electronic System Design for "Design and Demonstration of a Head-Up Display")
    • Benjamin Cromey, Lisa Li and Nicholas Smith (Thorlabs Photonics Is the Future Award for "Automated Optical Surface Defect Detection Tool")
    • Christopher Downs (Arizona Center for Innovation Award for Most Marketable Design for "Smartphone-Integrated Gun Lock")
    • Jacob Landsiedel (Edmund Optics Award for Perseverance and Recovery and Sargent Aerospace & Defense Voltaire Design Award for "Advanced Farrier System")
    • Viviana Llano (Bly Family Award for Innovation in Energy Production, Supply or Use: First Prize for "Building a Smarter Grid")
    • Braden Smith and Joseph Tang (Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona Award for Best Design Documentation for "RISA: Remote Imaging System Acquisition Project")

    Find a gallery of photos on the OSC website – and a few more candids on the College of Engineering Facebook Page.