Shacks Celebrate 50 Years in Tucson

    Date Posted: 
    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    It's no coincidence that Professor Emeritus Roland Shack and his wife, Pam, celebrate their 50th year in Tucson at the same time that OSC celebrates its own golden anniversary – it's generally accepted that the Optical Sciences Center was founded when Roland and Robert H. Noble were hired by Aden B. Meinel.

    Roland and David Shack at Bryce Canyon; a red Volkswagen Beetle

    Last week, Pam Shack posted to her Facebook Wall: 

    AUGUST 29, 1964 - A HALF CENTURY AGO TODAY!! Roland, Pam and 9-month old David drive into Tucson, Arizona in their 1963 VW Bug. Roland is eager to start a new career as an academic - one of the first two faculty members hired to help Dr. Aden Meinel begin the University of Arizona's Optical Sciences Center. It is hot, we have no air-conditioning in the car, and we've just crossed a rickety bridge spanning a bone-dry riverbed. We pass a convenience store on two-lane Tanque Verde Road where three saddled horses are tied up to the hitching rail. We're truly in the wild West!

    She continued:

    Today marks 50 years since Roland and I drove into Tucson to Bob Noble's house. ... Bob and Roland had both been hired from The Perkin-Elmer Corporation in Norwalk, CT to help Aden realize his dream of an optics center at the University of Arizona. I am writing this to some of the special people who have been in Roland's professional life to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting him and bringing him joy and friendship as he pursued his teaching career.