A Special Sock Gift Exchange for Students, Hosted by SOCk

    Date Posted: 
    Wednesday, December 4, 2019

    SOCk, the official OSC student organization, is hosting a special Sock Gift Exchange for students! Learn more about the details and sign up to participate in the adorable poem created by the SOCk Social Committee below. Or sign up to participate!

    The year is coming to a close, and since finals are so very gross.
    Instead of thinking of the dread, let’s cover our toes Instead.
    As a new holiday tradition will be started this year, a gift exchange we hope you will hold dear.
    An exchange of socks we do proclaim, for they are a part of our name.
    To be held on the second Monday of December, noon to 1pm 12/9 if you cannot remember.
    A limit on price to keep things fair, $10 is the limit we do declare.
    Act quick and sign up here, so we can provide treats to all who appear.
    A good day we wish you and stay in touch, because we have important things to say…
    What?? Rhyming this long is just too much.

         -SOCk Social Committee