Spring 2021 Re-Entry Announcements

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    Thursday, January 7, 2021

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    The University of Arizona will begin Spring 2021 classes under Stage 1: Essential In-Person/Outdoor Instruction.  This essentially means that most all OSC classes, except labs, will start the semester virtually. Additional updates if and when circumstances change will be provided via email. We will remain under Stage 1 until further notice. Pofessors will inform their class of specific course details, vie email, D2L, etc.  Please see a brief description of each stage below:

    Stage 1 – January 13:  Essential In-Person/Outdoor Instruction only, such as labs, medical, research, and fine and performing arts studios –  At OSC, this only applies to lab courses.

    Stage 2 – February 22: Small In-Person courses resume, 50 or fewer students in-person and flex in-person formats/modalities. See details below

    Stage 3 – TBD:  Larger In-Person classes resume in-person and flex in-person formats/modalities.

    As a reminder, you should visit the UA’s COVID-19 website for the most updated information. 

    Stage 2 - February 22 Updates

    You may have already seen the latest UA update regarding entry of STAGE 2, which takes effect on Monday, February 22nd.  Under STAGE 2: Courses with In-Person or Flex-In Person modalities that have enrollment under 50 students may start to meet in person. 14 OPTI courses are classified as STAGE 2 courses and may start to meet in person. These are listed below. If you are registered in a STAGE 2 OPTI course and do not feel comfortable attending in person, rest assured that in person attendanceis not mandatory. Professors of our STAGE 2 courses will be flexible and still allow students to participate virtually if they desire. As always, you can expect for professors to provide course updates via email, D2L, etc. If you decide to attend class in person, remember that masks and social distancing is required in all classrooms. Note that there are stickers on seats in which you are not supposed to sit in classrooms. Students living on campus or attending classes on campus are required get a weekly COVID-19 test.  Registration for testing on campus.

    OPTI Stage 2 Classes (PDF Download)

    How to View Class Details for Stage and Class Modalities

    As a reminder, you can find a full list of OPTI Courses and the designated STAGES and MODALITIES via the OSC Spring 2021 undergraduate and graduate course schedules webpage HERE.  This information is also listed in the official course description of each course in the UA Schedule of Classes.

    As a reminder, you should visit the UA’s COVID-19 website for the most updated information.