Superlative Staff: 2017 Year-End Celebration

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    Friday, December 15, 2017

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    On December 7th outside of the Meinel building, the final staff recognition awards were presented after a fantastic meal during the OSC Holiday Party. Awards presented included the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer and the Employee of the Year.

    4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer

    Nominated by Cindy Gardner and Mary Puig, the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award was presented to Lucy Sandoval, administrative associate for the College. Lucy has also carried the roles of OSC Conference Room Manager, Dean's Office Assistant, and OSC Colloquium Lecture Series Coordinator. Lucy received a plaque and $250, issued through payroll. 

    Mary says of Lucy:

    Graeme presented with the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award by Luz Palomarez and Lucy Sandoval.

    As the Director of operations I receive multiple requests from campus colleagues regarding conference room and 3rd floor lobby reservations. Lucy manages the conference rooms therefore I would reach out to her to ensure rooms were available and avoid scheduling conflicts. She has extensive knowledge regarding our college's requirements for use of our facilities (e.g. custodial, after hours requirements, etc) and offered to coordinate these requests on my behalf. Her involvement with the President's Office tailgate events is one example of her exceptional courteous and professional nature. The Director of Special Events involved with the tailgates has expressed her gratitude for Lucy's assistance and her exceptional disposition. Her willingness to go above and beyond her duties has minimized my involvement with requests from campus colleagues. I am submitting this nomination in recognition of Lucy's endeavor to develop a team-oriented environment, making an outstanding impression with the University community, and contributing to the efficiency of our operational duties. Thank you.

    Cindy says of Lucy:

    Lucy sets a great example for all of us admins., she is always very helpful and always handles assignments given to her with a great attitude. This summer she supported all of the faculty for one of the admins., during her maternity leave, as well as taking on and supporting a new professor assigned to her. I was told that she handled the faculty retreat in Luz's absence with the same great attitude. She takes charge of the Christmas party for the department every year, always considering everyone's input and suggestions, which isn't an easy feat. She is truly an inspiration to me, and no doubt, to the other admins. as well.

    Employee of the Year

    All staff that have been previously recognized through a SPOT or Peer-to-Peer award are eligible for Staff Employee of the Year and Honorable Mention. To determine the awards, the committee has the difficult job of evaluating the content of all nominations, factoring in the number of Peer-to-Peer and SPOT awards received throughout the year, as well as the impact of the employees' daily performance.  

    Employee of the Year 2017 

    The Employee of the Year for 2017 award went to Lucy Sandoval, administrative associate for the college. Lucy was also the recipient of the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award (noted above), as well as one of the Sept. SPOT awards. Tom Koch, the dean for the College of Optical Sciences, presented Lucy with a beautiful glass award during the Holiday and Staff Appreciation party. She also received $1,000 for her commitment and dedication to the College of Optical Sciences. Lucy recently accepted a new position with the Research, Discovery, and Innovation Office.

    Congratulations from all of us, Lucy! And all the best in your new endeavors! 

    Honorable Mention

    Additionally, at the Holiday and Staff Appreciation Party, the Employee of the Year 2017 Honorable Mention was presented to Jennifer Garcia by Tom Koch. Jennifer had previously been a recipient of the 1st Quarter Peer-to-Peer award, and received a glass award as well as $500.


    A very big thanks and congratulations to all of the 2017 Staff Recognition winners for their commitment to ensuring that the College of Optical Sciences remains at the forefront of optics education. We look forward to highlighting and recognizing 2018's incredible OSC staff.

    For more information on the program, see the official Staff Recognition Program on our Staff page, under the Human Resources section.