Superlative Staff: Year-End Celebration

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    Thursday, December 22, 2016

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    The remaining staff recognition awards were presented during the OSC Holiday Party, which took place on a balmy Thursday, Dec. 8 outside the Meinel building. Awards were given for the December SPOT, 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer and Employee of the Year. 

    December SPOT Award

    The December SPOT Award was presented to Senior Accountant Amy Maniscalco, and was nominated by Melissa Fasulo. Amy received a plaque and a $50 gift card.

    Melissa says of Amy:

    I believe Amy deserves to be recognized for outstanding contributions and performance. Not only does Amy offer an outstanding first impression when students and employees enter the accounting department she always has a smile and maintains a positive attitude. I consistently see Amy going the extra mile to make herself available to assist others. 

    Amy Maniscalco receives December SPOT Award from Melissa Fasulo

    When the accounting office lost its part time employee Amy stepped up and offered to take over p-card reconciliation for the department. This task can be very time consuming as the College processes a large volume of p-card charges each week. Not only is chasing down paperwork from employees to meet deadlines challenging but reconciliation in a timely manner to allow others to review and approve the charges to meet compliance is also challenging. 

    Amy is always offering to help others even when she has her own deadlines pending. Certain times of the year are extremely busy for the accounting department. When multiple deadlines hit at once; such as supplemental comp, rollover, year end and effort reporting Amy is very organized and able to manage her deadlines all the while still being available to assist others. The accounting department just recently wrapped up effort reporting deadlines. Amy monitored and followed up on this process without being asked to do so. Not only was her actions above and beyond but extremely helpful in making sure effort certs were processed on time. 

    4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer

    Nominated by Luz Palomarez and Lucy Sandoval, the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award was presented to Graeme Hunt, media content manager for the College. Graeme received a plaque and $250, issued through payroll. 

    Luz says:

    Graeme has proven to be an efficient and outstanding employee. Not only did he take on the role as Editor for the Watts Up! newsletter when his unit was downsized, he has successfully met the deadline for every issue in addition to performing the primary role of Media Content Manager. I have witnessed his efficiency, commitment and professionalism dating back to OSC’s 50th Anniversary where he was tasked with coordinating some very critical components of the event such as managing public media, news releases, coordinating meetings, arranging setup, schedule and videotaping sessions with KUAT and updating the Dean’s Mgmt Team of progress.

    Graeme presented with the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award by Luz Palomarez and Lucy Sandoval.Most admirable is Graeme’s selflessness. He extends himself to administrative staff in accomplishing their assigned duties without any recognition for his effort. For example, he designs templates to facilitate workshop fliers and itineraries for events such as the CGH Workshop, Industrial Affiliates and Development. He creates online forms for registration, Ultra Cart merchandise orders, staff recognition nominations and many other miscellaneous outlets to assist others in managing their workload. The end result is a professional document, consistent with branding requirements, eye-catching and benefiting many areas of the college.

    Graeme is an invaluable employee and should be recognized for his outstanding commitment to the college and support to his peers. His demeanor is above reproach – always courteous, welcoming and ready to assist. He is a discreet leader who seeks results, not the pat on the back he truly deserves. 

    Lucy says of Graeme:

    PICTURES, WEB, REGISTRATION HELP! HELP!!!! Graeme has always been very professional and courteous. Every time I’ve had a workshop and needed his assistance, he’s always been there, even with last minute requests. Even though he is extremely busy working on deadlines and with limited time, I have requested his assistance at the last minute and he has always made time to help me.

    Throughout the year several events are coordinated. A perfect example of his assistance is "picture time!" Whenever we have an event, we need pictures taken in the labs, in the middle of a workshop, or staff luncheons. In some instances, pictures need to be taken as a last minute request, and Graeme has always been kind enough to either advise what time he can take a picture or simply says, "I’ll be right there!" I’ve never seen Graeme distressed, in a bad mood or uncaring. Always carry’s a smile, always in a good mood and always ready! 

    More importantly, he stresses people to continue with their education, posting important articles on social media of our university programs and expressing the importance of our University programs and voicing how important education is. 

    I am also very grateful for Graeme's knowledge of programs. Registration is a very important part of a workshop and he has often directed me with ideas and suggestions that really make a difference in better tracking the workshop financially as well as keeping track of the participants, all this while trying to meet deadlines on his workload.

    Employee of the Year

    All staff that have been previously recognized through a SPOT or Peer-to-Peer award are eligible for Staff Employee of the Year and Honorable Mention. To determine the awards, the committee has the difficult job of evaluating the content of all nominations, factoring in the number of Peer-to-Peer and SPOT awards received throughout the year, as well as the impact of the employees' daily performance.  

    Employee of the Year 2016 

    The Employee of the Year for 2016 award went to Amanda Ferraris, coordinator of academic programs and financial operations. Amanda was the recipient of the 3rd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award, as well as one of the Sept. SPOT awards. Justin Walker, associate dean for business development and administration, presented Amanda with a beautiful glass award during the Holiday and Staff Appreciation party. She also received $1,000 for her commitment and dedication to the College of Optical Sciences.

    Congratulations from all of us, Amanda!

    Amanda Ferraris presented with the 2016 OSC Employee of the Year Award by Justin Walker

    Honorable Mention

    The Employee of the Year 2016 Honorable Mention was presented to Graeme Hunt by Justin Walker, also during the Holiday and Staff Appreciation party. Graeme had previously been a recipient of a Sept. SPOT award and the 4th Quarter Peer-to-Peer award (noted above), and received a glass award as well as $500.

    Graeme Hunt receives the 2016 Employee of the Year - Honorable Mention Award from Justin Walker.

    A very big thanks and congratulations to all of the 2016 Staff Recognition winners for their commitment in ensuring that the College of Optical Sciences remains at the forefront of optics education. We look forward to highlighting and recognizing 2017's incredible OSC staff.

    For more information on the program, see the official Staff Recognition Program on our Staff page, under the Human Resources section.