Undergrad Team Wins Award in Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition

    Date Posted: 
    Tuesday, September 7, 2021

    Congratulations to Wyant College undergraduates Jace Malm, Avalon McLeod, Lam Nguyen, and Sebastian Valencia for their selection as awardees of the Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Optical Design Competition for their project titled, “FOV Scanner for OASIS THz Telescope.” They used CODE V to design a field of view (FOV) scanner for an all-reflective terahertz (THz) space telescope with an inflatable primary mirror. Read the official announcement.

    The team provided the following comments:

    “I have no doubt that teamwork was the key to this project’s success,” said Malm. “Communication, dedication, and hard work is what made it all possible. I would like to thank Synopsys for the opportunity to share our work with others and for the support of our professor, Dr. Yuzuru Takashima. Without his guidance and encouragement to submit our work, none if this would be attainable.”

    “Receiving this award is a wonderful honor,” said McLeod. “I would like to thank Synopsys for their continued support of students and members of the Optical Sciences community, and for presenting this award to our design group. I would also like to thank Professor Dr. Yuzuru Takashima for his guidance and support throughout the design process. Working on and overcoming obstacles within the design has taught me a great deal and I am very thankful for all the hard work put in by my teammates.”

    “Designing a theoretically working and optimized FOV scanner has been an exciting challenge,” said Nguyen. “I feel honored to receive such a prestigious and meaningful award. I would like to thank my mentor, Dr. Takashima, and Synopsys for their support. I would also like to thank my team: Jace, Avalon, and Sebastian. Without them, this would not be possible. This design can be utilized for many more future space telescope and scanner applications.”

    “I am flattered to have been selected as a recipient for this award,” said Valencia. “This project enabled our team to earn an appreciable amount of experience in optical design. I’d like to express my thanks to our optical design instructor Dr. Yuzuru Takashima, who provided essential guidance throughout the completion of this project. I would also like to give thanks to Synopsys for being a pillar in the optics community and supporting students within the field.”