Videos about the college, its students and its faculty have recently been featured on the College of Optical SciencesUniversity of ArizonaUANews and associated YouTube channels.

  • Sean McCafferty, 2017 OSC Alumnus of the Year - 2017 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
    Sean McCafferty, MD, FACS Ophthalmology, President/CEO of  Intuor Technologies (College of Optical Sciences M.S. 2015) speaks at the College of Optical Sciences 2017 Scholarship Awards Ceremony on Sept. 9, 2017.
  • Arizona NOW Campaign Spotlights College of Optical Sciences
    In February 2017, The University of Arizona officially celebrated the Arizona NOW fundraising campaign’s success for exceeding its $1.5 billion goal in record time. Raising a $1.59 billion total, this was the most ambitious and comprehensive fundraising campaign in UA history by reaching its goal within six years — nearly two years ahead of schedule. Arizona NOW's priorities focused on providing opportunities for students, supporting faculty and research, and investing in University outreach initiatives.  
  • 2016 UA Alumnus of the Year in Optical Sciences: Robert R. Boye
    Robert R. Boye, Ph.D., was honored as the 2016 Alumnus of the Year in Optical Sciences during the 2016 UA Homecoming festivities.
  • "UA College of Optical Sciences - New Student Recruitment"
    Interested in the study of light? OSC faculty describe what goes on inside The College of Optical Sciences through the four research specialties: Optical Engineering, Optical Physics, Photonics and Image Science.
  • "Arizona NOW Impact"
    The University of Arizona Foundation
    released a video showcasing the impact of the Arizona NOW fundraising campaign on UA's talented student body. Logan Graves, a College of Optical Sciences Ph.D. student, describes his gratitude and excitement for optics after receiving a FoTO scholarship. You can find Logan around the 1:40 mark. 

  • "College of Optical Sciences 2015 Pre-Commencement Celebration"
    The college celebrated the class of 2015 on May 15 in the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center South Ballroom. Photos of the ceremony and graduates are also available.

  • "The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences: Lighting the Future"

    Our Lighting the Future video provides illustrative examples of the many diverse opportunities that students will have in the pursuit of optics and photonics at The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences.
  • "The College of Optical Sciences: Past, Present and Future"

    On Oct. 29, 2009, James C. Wyant gave a Colloquium lecture on the illustrious history of OSC, in which he described some of the decisions and actions that have shaped the institution and discussed the myriad opportunities in its future.

  • "Optical Sciences Center: Seeing the Future"

    In this video, created in 2004 for the 40th anniversary of the Optical Sciences Center, luminaries from OSC history — including Bob Shannon, Roland Shack and Jack Gaskill — explore the path that led us to becoming the best in the world.

  • "Nicolaas Bloembergen, Nobel Laureate, Speaks with Jerome V. Moloney"

    On the eve of his 90th birthday, Nobel laureate and College of Optical Sciences professor Nicolaas Bloembergen sat down with UA professor of mathematics and optical sciences Jerome Moloney for a conversation about Nico's world-changing research in laser spectroscopy and nonlinear optics.

  • "Nasser Peyghambarian: 2007 Technology Innovation Award"

    Professor Nasser Peyghambarian's commercially viable work on optical devices, including amplifiers, fiber optics and electro-optics modulators, led to his 2007 Technology Innovation Award.

  • "UA at the Leading Edge: Hong Hua, Ph.D."

    Associate professor Hong Hua talks about her "magic lens," its augmented reality and its potential impacts on medicine and other aspects of daily life.

  • "UA at the Leading Edge: Roger Angel, Ph.D."

    J. Roger P. Angel, director of the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, Regents' Professor of Astronomy and Optical Sciences, and recent awardee of the Kavli Prize in Astrophysics, discusses his 35-year career at the Mirror Lab and his recent work to revolutionize solar power.

  • "2011 Leading Edge Researcher Neal R. Armstrong"

    Neal Armstrong, who shares a joint appointment with the College of Optical Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has made revolutionary discoveries in thin-film solar cell energy conversion — earning him recognition as one of UA's Leading Edge researchers.

  • "2011 Student Innovator Jared Moore"

    Jared Moore, who earned his Ph.D. in spring 2011, was recognized at Innovation Day at UA for his work on FaCT, an adaptive preclinical X-ray CT system that adjusts its magnification, field of view and illumination profile based on the object being imaged.

  • "College of Optical Sciences Hosts First-Ever Laser Fun Day"

    SOCk, the college's Student Optics Chapter, held a big event in the Meinel Building in April 2011 for the kids of Tucson. The festivities included a laser maze, a treasure hunt and dozens of booths explaining different properties and applications of light.

  • "James Schwiegerling: Leading Edge Researcher"

    Jim Schwiegerling, a professor of optical sciences, ophthalmology and vision sciences, was recognized for developing a design for an artificial lens that can be used to replace the lenses in human eyes such as in cataract surgery.

  • "Innovation Day 2013 Honoree, Dr. Lars Furenlid"

    Lars R. Furenlid, who shares a joint appointment in radiology and optical sciences and serves as the associate director of the UA Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging, was recognized for work on minimally invasive methods for in vivo molecular imaging that advances the diagnosis and treatment of many major health issues.

You can download "The College of Optical Sciences: Past, Present and Future," "Optical Sciences Center: Seeing the Future," "Nicolaas Bloembergen, Nobel Laureate, Speaks with Jerome V. Moloney" as well as lectures from J. Scott Tyo's OPTI 512R course and the 2010-2012 Colloquium archive videos, to your iPod, iPhone, iPad or desktop using iTunes U. Follow the link on the UA iTunes U page to open iTunes.