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Aishik Biswas
M.S., Spring, 2020
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Wiley T. Black
M.S., Spring, 2012
Ph.D., Spring, 2014
Adviser(s): J. Scott Tyo
D. Marie Blanchard
M.S., Spring, 1991
Ph.D., Spring, 1997
Adviser(s): Eustace L. Dereniak

A Diffractive Optic Image Spectrometer (DOIS)

Jon F. Blanchard
Graduate Certificate, Spring, 2010
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Stephen Blecher
M.S., Spring, 1971
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

Plastic Optics

Alan Bleier
M.S., Spring, 1982
Ph.D., Spring 1984
Adviser(s): William Swindell

M.S. - Non-Thesis

Ph.D. - Breast Tissue Classification Using Statistical Pattern Recognition of Backscattered Ultrasound

Jeffrey Blitstein
Graduate Certificate, Spring, 2003
M.S., Spring, 2005
Adviser(s): Kurtis J. Thome
Adam Blumer
B.S., Spring, 2015
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Richard Bocker
Ph.D., Spring, 1975
Adviser(s): Arvind S. Marathay

Optical Matrix-Vector Multiplication and Two-Channel Processing with Photodichroic Crystals

Eric Bogatin
Ph.D., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): Peter A. Franken

Three New High Precision Tests of Relativity and Mach's Principle

Deepak Boggavarapu
M.S., Fall, 1993
Ph.D., Fall, 1993
Adviser(s): Hyatt M. Gibbs

Physics of Semiconductor Microcavity Lasers

Michael Bohac
M.S., Spring, 2018
Adviser(s): R. John Koshel
Gwelleh Boissiere
B.S., Fall, 1998
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Rick Bomber
M.S., Fall, 2000
Adviser(s): José Sasián


William Bomberger
Ph.D., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): James J. Burke

Interferometric Measurement of Dispersion

Todd J. Bonham
M.S., Spring, 2013
Adviser(s): Lars R. Furenlid

Exact Reconstruction of Adaptive Helical Micro-CT

Sandra I. Bonilla
B.S., Spring, 1997
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Garret T. Bonnema
M.S., Spring, 2005
Ph.D., Spring, 2008
Adviser(s): Jennifer K. Barton

Imaging Blood Vessel Mimics with Optical Coherence Tomography

Eric Booen
Graduate Certificate, Fall, 2009
M.S., Summer II, 2012
Adviser(s): Stanley Pau
Soheila Boojari
M.S., Spring, 2020
Adviser(s): Jim Schwiegerling
Richard A. Booman
M.S., Spring, 1986
Adviser(s): Dror Sarid

Determination of Loss Mechanisms in Long Range Surface Plasmons

Cory Boone
B.S., Spring, 2016
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Donald C. Booth
Ph.D., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): Bernhard O. Seraphin

The Retardation of Crystallization of CVD Amorphous Silicon and the Study of its Structural and Optical Properties

Vaibhav Bora
M.S., Fall, 2011
Ph.D., Summer, 2015
Adviser(s): Harrison H. Barrett

Photon Statistics in Scintillation Crystals

Michael B. Borden
M.S., Summer II, 2011
Adviser(s): Christopher K. Walker