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Marsha J. Fox
Ph.D., Spring, 1993
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

Undersampled Focal Plane Detection of Imagery From a Sparse Telescope Array

Daniel C. Fox
B.S., Fall, 1997
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Jerome B. Franck
M.S., Spring, 1988
Ph.D., Spring, 1989
Adviser(s): H. Angus Macleod

Laser-Induced Desorption and Damage of Water- and Heavy Water-Dosed Optical Thin Films

Jesse A. Frantz
M.S., Fall, 1999
Ph.D., Spring, 2004
Adviser(s): Raymond K. Kostuk

Selectively Buried Ion-Exchanged Waveguides for Photonics Applications

Eric Frater
Ph.D., Summer, 2016
Adviser(s): Jim H. Burge

Ph.D. - Optical Alignment with CGH Phase References

Daniel K. Frayer
B.S., Fall, 1997
M.S., Summer II, 2000
Robert A. Schowengerdt
Nasser Peyghambarian

Measurement of Surface Concentration of Aqueous Copper Sulfate Solutions: An Optical Technique

Melanie E. Freed
M.S., Fall, 2006
Adviser(s): Matthew A. Kupinski

A Prototype Instrument for Adaptive SPECT Imaging

Klaus Freischlad
M.S., Spring, 1985
Ph.D., Spring, 1986
Adviser(s): Chris L. Koliopoulos

Wavefront Sensing by Heterodyne Shearing Inferometry

Julie Frish
M.S., Fall, 2018
Ph.D., Spring, 2021
Adviser(s): Robert A. Norwood
Teresa A. Fritz
M.S., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): Robert E. Parks

Interferometric Evaluation for a Ritchey-Common Test Configuration

Bernard S. Fritz
M.S., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): Roland V. Shack

Coherent Image Formation Applied to the Design of Fourier Transform Elements

Fred F. Froehlich
M.S., Spring, 1992
Ph.D., Spring, 1996
Adviser(s): Tom D. Milster

Optical Contrast Mechanisms and Shear Force Interactions in Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy

Ronald C. Fronczek
M.S., Spring, 1975
Adviser(s): Orestes N. Stavroudis


Tao-Yi Fu
Ph.D., Spring, 1984
Adviser(s): Hans Roehrig

Information Transfer Efficiency of X-Ray Image Intensifier-Based Imaging Systems

Canek Fuentes-Hernandez
M.S., Spring, 2002
Ph.D., Fall, 2004
Nasser Peyghambarian
Bernard Kippelen

Study of Novel Photoconductors for Photorefractive Polymer Composites

Kyle H. Fuerschbach
B.S., Spring, 2008
Adviser(s): Russell A. Chipman
Rina Fujieda
B.S., Spring, 2021
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Bryce A. Furlong
B.S., Spring, 2005
Adviser(s): John E. Greivenkamp