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Seung-Eui Hong
B.S., Summer II, 1999
Adviser(s): John E. Greivenkamp
Ross Brian Hooker
M.S., Spring, 1970
Ph.D., Spring, 1974
Roland V. Shack
Jack D. Gaskill

M.S. - A Comparison of the Modulation Transfer Functions of Three Microscopes Commonly Used in Photointerpretation

Ph.D. - The Effects of Aberrations in Synthetic Aperture Systems

Mark F. Hopkins
M.S., Summer I, 1993
Ph.D., Fall, 1998
Eustace L. Dereniak
Jack D. Gaskill

Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Measurement of Temperature in High-Speed Events

George W. Hopkins
Ph.D., Spring, 1976
Adviser(s): Roland V. Shack

Aberrational Analysis of Optical Systems: A Proximate Ray Trace Approach

Christopher L. Hopkins
M.S., Spring, 2015
Adviser(s): Jim H. Burge

Applied Opto-Mechanical Statistical Tolerancing Techniques

Flavio Horowitz
M.S., Spring, 1982
Ph.D., Spring, 1983
Adviser(s): H. Angus Macleod

Structure-Induced Optical Anisotropy in Thin Films

Masaki Hosoda
M.S., Summer II, 2010
Adviser(s): Jim H. Burge
Aaron Hou
B.S., Fall, 2004
Adviser(s): Jim H. Burge
Jared Hout
B.S., Spring, 2017
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Nathan E. Howard
Ph.D., Fall, 2002
Adviser(s): Hans Roehrig

Development of Techniques to Characterize Electron Bombarded Charge Coupled Devices

Samuel C. Howells
M.S., Spring, 1989
Ph.D., Spring, 1992
Adviser(s): Dror Sarid

Surface Studies with Scanning Probe Microscopy

Isela D. Howlett
B.S., Spring, 2010
M.S., Spring, 2016
Ph.D., Summer, 2017
Grover A. Swartzlander Jr.
Raymond K. Kostuk

Ph.D. - Endoscope Design for Volume Holographic Imaging

Yung-Chieh Hsieh
M.S., Spring, 1995
Ph.D., Fall, 1996
Adviser(s): Masud Mansuripur

Media and Systems of Optical Data Storage: Investigations of Magneto-Optical and Phase Change Recording Techniques

Wei-Liang Hsu
M.S., Fall, 2011
Adviser(s): Stanley Pau
Haosheng Hu
M.S., Fall 2017
Adviser(s): José Sasián

M.S. - Report for Reflective System Designs Based on Freeform Mirrors

Minglie Hu
B.S., Spring, 2004
M.S., Spring, 2008
Michael Nofziger
José Sasián
Yiping Hu
M.S., Spring, 1994
Adviser(s): Arvind S. Marathay
Yongdan Hu
M.S., Fall, 1999
Ph.D., Summer II, 2001
Adviser(s): Nasser Peyghambarian

High Concentration Erbium-doped Glasses, Fiber Amplifiers, and Lasers

Xinda Hu
Ph.D., Fall, 2014
Adviser(s): Hong Hua
Kai Hu
M.S., Spring, 2019
Adviser(s): Tom D. Milster
Chih Yu Huang
M.S., Spring, 2013
Ph.D., Spring, 2017
José Sasián
Rongguang Liang

Ph.D. - Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of Freeform Optics Generated by Diamond Turning Machine

Howard Huang
B.S., Spring, 1993
M.S., Fall, 2001
Adviser(s): James_wyant

Center of Curvature Displacement Measurements for Multiple Element Lens Systems

Run Huang
M.S., Spring, 2013
Ph.D., Summer, 2015
Leilei Peng
Jim H. Burge

High Precision Optical Surface Metrology Using Deflectometry

Shui-Tein Huang
M.S., Spring, 1977
Adviser(s): Arthur Francis Turner
Ziyan Huang
Graduate Certificate, Fall, 2012
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser