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Austin L. Huang
M.S., Fall, 1987
Adviser(s): James J. Burke
Chunsheng Huang
M.S., Spring, 1988
Ph.D., Spring, 1990
Adviser(s): George N. Lawrence

Design and Analysis of Astrometric Telescope Facility

Shui-Tein Huang
M.S., Spring, 1977
Adviser(s): Arthur Francis Turner
Chongyuan Huang
M.S., Spring, 2016
Ph.D., Spring, 2018
Adviser(s): Rongguang Liang
Hekun Huang
M.S., Spring, 2019
Ph.D., Summer, 2019
Adviser(s): Hong Hua
Edward Huber
M.S., Spring, 1979
Ph.D., Spring, 1982
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

An Intercomparison of Optical Design Computer Programs

Joshua Mark Hudman
B.S., Spring, 2002
M.S., Summer II, 2005
James M. Palmer
José Sasián

The Analysis of an Off-Axis Null Corrector and the Characterization of a 1 Meter Liquid Flat

Leland R. Hudson
M.S., Spring, 1983
Adviser(s): Eustace L. Dereniak

Evaluation of Schottky Barrier Infrared Charge-Coupled Device

Erik F. Huerta
B.S., Spring, 2009
M.S., Spring, 2019
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Cedric Hugon
M.S., Spring, 2007
Adviser(s): Kurtis J. Thome

Design of an Inexpensive Robust Spectrometer

Michael R. Humphreys
B.S., Spring, 2007
Adviser(s): John E. Greivenkamp
Jeffery P. Hunt
M.S., Summer II, 1998
Adviser(s): Dror Sarid


Emily Hunting
B.S., Spring, 2016
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Lynn Donald Hutcheson
Ph.D., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): James J. Burke

Losses in Titanium-Diffused Lithium Niobate Channel Waveguides Due to Directional Changes

Tiffany Hutchins
B.S., Spring, 2013
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Shiow-Hwei Hwang
M.S., Spring, 1989
Ph.D., Spring, 1991
Adviser(s): George N. Lawrence

Feasibility Study of Focusing Grating Couplers for Optical Data Storage

Bor-Chyuan Hwang
M.S., Spring, 1999
Ph.D., Fall, 2000
Adviser(s): Nasser Peyghambarian

Short Erbium Doped Phosphate Fiber Amplifiers

Chang Kwon Hwangbo
Ph.D., Spring, 1988
Adviser(s): H. Angus Macleod

Optical Thin Films by Ion-Assisted and Ultrasound-Assisted Deposition

Justin Hyatt
Ph.D., Spring, 2019
Adviser(s): J. Roger P. Angel
Elaina A. Hyde
Minor, Spring, 2005
Adviser(s): Michael Nofziger