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Poonam Pratap Kadam
M.S., Fall 2014
Adviser(s): Tom D. Milster
Kal Kadlec
M.S., Summer, 2017
Adviser(s): Dae Wook Kim
Patrick M. Kain
B.S., Spring, 2011
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Dolores J. Kalayta
M.S., Spring, 1973
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

The Effect of Third and Fifth-Order Coma Balancing on the Two-Dimensional Transfer Function

John Kam
M.S., Fall, 2019
Adviser(s): Hong Hua
Keiichiro Kaneko
M.S., Fall, 1993
Adviser(s): Eustace L. Dereniak

Optics for FTIR Spectrometer

Dong-Yel Kang
M.S., Fall, 2005
Ph.D., Spring, 2009
Adviser(s): Tom D. Milster

Analysis of Speckle Characteristics in Partially Coherent Optical Systems

Tae Wook Kang
Adviser(s): Jim Schwiegerling
Joshua L. Kann
M.S., Spring, 1992
Ph.D., Fall, 1995
Adviser(s): Tom D. Milster

Numerical Modeling of a Near-Field Scanning Optical System

Angelique L. Kano
M.S., Fall, 2004
Ph.D., Summer II, 2009
Adviser(s): Arthur Gmitro

Ultrathin Single Channel Fiberscope for Simultaneous White Light and Flourescence Imaging

David L. Kaplan
M.S., Spring, 1982
Ph.D., Spring, 1988
Adviser(s): Fred A. Hopf

Characterizing Chaos in a Hybrid Optically Bistable Device

Chris Karaguleff
M.S., Spring, 1981
Ph.D., Spring, 1985
Bobby R. Hunt
George I. Stegeman

Degenerate Four Wave Mixing in Thin-Film Optical Waveguides

Dale E. Karas
B.S., Spring, 2013
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Carlin M. Kartchner
B.S., Spring, 2010
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Georgios Kastis
M.S., Spring, 1997
Ph.D., Summer II, 2002
Adviser(s): Harrison H. Barrett

Multi-Modality Imaging of Small Animals

Carol J. Kastner
Ph.D., Fall, 1985
Adviser(s): Philip N. Slater
Keith J. Kasunic
Ph.D., Fall, 1997
Adviser(s): Ewan M. Wright

Nonlinear Optics of Circular-Grating Distributed-Feedback Semiconductor Lasers

Nitigya Kathuria
M.S., Fall, 2014
Adviser(s): Rongguang Liang
Jeremy I. Katz
B.S., Spring, 2014
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Maggie Yvonne Kautz
B.S., Spring, 2019
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Jess S. Kautz
Ph.D., Spring, 2017
Adviser(s): Non-OSC Adviser

Ph.D. - In-Situ Cameras for Radiometric Correction of Remotely Sensed Data

Brant M. Kaylor
M.S., Fall, 2004
Adviser(s): Arthur Gmitro

Measurement of pH in vivo in tumor and surrounding tissue using fluorescence ratio imaging

Andrei S. Kazmierski
M.S., Summer II, 2008
Adviser(s): José Sasián

Design and Analysis of a Confocal Microscope Utilizing an Incoherent Light Source and Reflective Spatial Light Modulator

Patrick A. Kearney
Ph.D., Spring, 1984
Adviser(s): Charles M. Falco

New Materials for the Multilayer X-Ray Optica at Wavelengths Below 124 Angstrom by Sputtering and Molecular Beam Epitaxy

James L. Keef
M.S., Spring, 2006
Ph.D., Spring, 2008
Adviser(s): Kurtis J. Thome

Hyper-Spectral Sensor Calibration Extrapolated from Multi-Spectral Measurements