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Linda J. Lingg
M.S., Spring, 1986
Ph.D., Summer II, 1989
Adviser(s): H. Angus Macleod

Lanthanide Trifluoride Thin Films: Structure, Composition, and Optical Structures

Sean M. Liston
B.S., Spring, 1999
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Adam M. Little
B.S., Spring, 2007
Adviser(s): Michael Nofziger
Robert A. Little
B.S., Spring, 2003
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Ying-Moh Liu
Ph.D., Spring, 1987
Adviser(s): George N. Lawrence

Use of Annular Subapertures with Focus Control for Testing Rotationally Symmetric Optical Systems

Elson Yee-Hsin Liu
B.S., Summer II, 2002
Adviser(s): José Sasián
Rong Liu
M.S., Spring, 2010
Adviser(s): José Sasián
Sheng Liu
M.S., Spring, 2007
Ph.D., Summer II, 2010
Adviser(s): Hong Hua

Methods for Generating Addressable Focus Cues in Stereoscopic Displays

Tao Liu
M.S., Spring, 2003
Ph.D., Fall, 2005
Adviser(s): Masud Mansuripur

Photonic Crystal Based Optical Devices

Christopher Liu
Graduate Certificate, Fall, 2016
M.S., Fall, 2016
Adviser(s): Rongguang Liang

M.S. - Exploration of Design Approaches in Stereoendoscopy

Lichuan Liu
M.S., Fall 2017
Adviser(s): Nasser Peyghambarian

Holographic Cross-Connection for Optical Ising Machine Based on Multi-core Fiber Laser

Ying Ting Liu
M.S., Fall 2017
Adviser(s): José Sasián

M.S. - Review and Design a Mobile Phone Camera Lens for 21.4 Mega-Pixels Image Sensor

Pengyu Liu
B.S., Spring, 2020
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Viviana Llano
B.S., Spring, 2015
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Patrick R. Llull
B.S., Spring, 2012
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Luke W. Lobsinger
B.S., Spring, 2001
Adviser(s): Arvind S. Marathay
Andrew B. Locke
B.S., Spring, 1998
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Ann M. Locke
M.S., Spring, 2001
Ph.D., Summer II, 2003
Adviser(s): Eustace L. Dereniak

Design and Analysis of a Snapshot Imaging Spectropolarimeter

Carmina Londono
M.S., Spring, 1982
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

Absolute Measurement of Radius of Curvature

John S. Loomis
Ph.D., Spring, 1980
Adviser(s): James_wyant

Applications of Computer-Generated Holograms in Optical Testing

Aseneth S. Lopez
M.S., Fall, 1998
Adviser(s): Kurtis J. Thome


David Lopez
B.S., Spring, 2016
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Fernando Lopez-Lopez
Ph.D., Spring, 1973
Adviser(s): Roland V. Shack

The Application of the Delano Y-Y Diagram to Optical Design

Alejandra Lopez-Santiago
M.S., Fall, 2008
Adviser(s): Franko Kueppers
Antonio Tomas Lorenzo
Ph.D., Spring, 2017
Adviser(s): Alexander D. Cronin

Short-Term Irradiance Forecasting Using an Irradiance Monitoring Network, Satellite Imagery, and Data Assimilation