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Gregory H. Smith
Ph.D., Spring, 1972
Adviser(s): Robert H. Noble

Evaluation of Image Intensifier Tubes Using Delective Quantum Efficiency

Jacob M. Smith
M.S., Fall, 2010
Adviser(s): Mahmoud Fallahi
Noel M. Smith
M.S., Spring, 2006
Adviser(s): Kurtis J. Thome

Utilization of a Comercial Charged-Coupled Device Camera for Optical Characterization of the Nighttime Atmosphere

Paula K. Smith
M.S., Fall, 2007
Ph.D., Spring, 2013
Adviser(s): Russell A. Chipman

Characterizing Dielectric Tensors of Anisotopic Materials from a Single Measurement

Stevie R. Smith
M.S., Fall, 2006
Adviser(s): José Sasián

Examples of Lens Behavior Statistics Under Fabrication Errors

Greg A. Smith
M.S., Fall, 2002
Ph.D., Summer II, 2006
Adviser(s): Poul Jessen

Continuous Optical Measurement of Cold Atomic Spins

Braden Smith
B.S., Spring, 2015
M.S., Spring, 2017
R. John Koshel
Yuzuru Takashima
M.S. - Single Chip LIDAR with Discrete Beam Steering by Digital Micromirror Device
Nicholas Smith
B.S., Spring, 2015
Adviser(s): Robert A. Norwood
George Smith
B.S., Spring, 2020
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
DeErick Jerome Smith Jr.
B.S., Spring, 2021
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Charles G. Snedaker
M.S., Spring, 1978
Adviser(s): William Swindell

A Birefringence-Based optical Thermometer for Use in Intense Radio Frequency and Microwave Fields

Rodney J. Snell
M.S., Spring, 1992
Adviser(s): Arthur Gmitro

A Digital-Electronic Video-Rate Reconstruction System for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Michael Snow
B.S., Spring, 2021
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
Miguel P. Snyder
M.S., Summer II, 2007
Adviser(s): Michael Hart

Studies of Instrumentation for Advanced Adaptive Optics

Anita D. Sobey
B.S., Spring, 2008
Adviser(s): William J. Dallas
Dolores J. Sochacki
M.S., Spring, 1973
Adviser(s): Robert R. Shannon

The effect of third and fifth order coma balancing on the two-dimensional transfer function

Cameron Solem
B.S., Spring, 2012
M.S., Spring, 2017
Unknown Adviser
John E. Greivenkamp

M.S. - Visual Quality Metrics Resulting From Dynamic Corneal Tear Film Topography

Courtney Solleveld
B.S., Spring, 2015
Adviser(s): Unknown Adviser
David Sommitz
B.S., Spring, 2013
M.S., Spring, 2018
Adviser(s): Matthew Dubin
Dar-Yuan Song
Ph.D., Spring, 1985
Adviser(s): H. Angus Macleod

Progress in the Development of a Durable Silver-based High-Reflectance Coating for Astronomical Telescopes

Jiawei Song
M.S., Summer, 2016
Adviser(s): Nasser Peyghambarian

M.S. - Nd-Doped Fiber Lasers and Fiber Amplifiers at 9xx nm

Taylor Sorensen
B.S., Spring, 2010
M.S., Spring, 2016
Adviser(s): José Sasián

M.S. - Running Head: Design, Specification, and Production of an F/2 Broadband Lens Assembly 

Jose Soto-Manriquez
Ph.D., Spring, 1983
Adviser(s): Richard L. Shoemaker

Modulation of Coherent Transient Effects by Heterodyne Fields in Stark and Frequency Switching

Michael S. Soukup
M.S., Spring, 1982
Adviser(s): Fred A. Hopf

The Construction of a Photodissociation Atomic Iodine Laser

Andrew W. Sparks
B.S., Spring, 2000
Graduate Certificate, Fall 2008
M.S., Fall, 2013
Adviser(s): James M. Palmer