Industrial Affiliates Benefits

Industrial Affiliates partners strengthen their ties to one of the world’s leading institutes for optical sciences research and education, gain exposure to a broad spectrum of optics applications and interact with a pool of highly talented and well-educated students.

Workshops with Students and Faculty

Twice a year, the College hosts a three-day spring and fall workshops, which include a corporate showcase (a recruiting expo attended by UA optics and engineering students), student and faculty research presentations, laboratory tours and networking opportunities for informal discussions with students and faculty. Many IA partners extend their visit by scheduling interviews with students ready to enter the workforce. Being an active IA partner is an incredibly strong step towards finding talent both now and in the future.

Business Networking Events

Hosted on campus and in cities throughout the U.S., these gatherings give members exclusive opportunities to connect with other industry leaders as well as the college’s faculty and alumni.

Access to Student Résumés

Via a password-protected link, student résumés are available to members.

Facilitated Interviews

Members may use our facilities to interview students at any time throughout the year. Our staff members will assist with scheduling and conducting employment interviews.

Consultation and Training

Short courses and seminars taught by our faculty members may be arranged by Industrial Affiliate companies to support their specific projects.

Continuing Education and Participation

Members are invited to attend our Colloquium and special seminars, guest lectures, presentations and other one-of-a-kind events, including the Community Speakers Series, an informal lecture series hosted by our graduate students.

Library Privileges

Members are given guest privileges in our Fred A. Hopf Reading Room, which includes an extensive collection of student theses and dissertations, a tape library of many of our graduate classes and a collection of out-of-print and current optics publications.

Recognition Plaque

A plaque recognizing our Industrial Affiliates members is located in the college's main lobby.

Where appropriate, and as resources allow, Industrial Affiliates members receive additional recognition via the OSC website or in selected printed material in appreciation for their extended support of the college.