Partnership Impact

The annual support that is received from our IA members enhances the college in many ways, and yet its single greatest application is to meet the needs of our students. Contributions from Industrial Affiliates member companies make a significant difference in the quality of the educational opportunities, the financial assistance that is offered, and the ways resources are allocated at the college.

Student Recruitment and Retention

Each spring we invite a promising pool of academically talented student applicants to visit the University and college for an informative recruitment weekend. This venture is made possible from the financial assistance offered by our Industrial Affiliates members. The IA program also helps fund 24 graduate student teaching assistant roles at the College of Optical Sciences: 12 student in the spring semester and another 12 students in the fall semester.

Academic Programs and Teaching Laboratories

To enrich the education experiences of our students, IA membership funds help purchase current and relevant print and online professional journals for our reading room, provide travel funds for students to attend scientific meetings, and organize in-house student employment interviews. The IA program also helps with purchasing state-of-the-art equipment our graduate and undergraduate student teaching labs.  

Faculty Support

Throughout  the past 50 years, the college has experienced tremendous growth and success in attracting leading faculty with expertise ranging from optical physics to optical engineering and technology. Funding for research start-ups; travel to conferences and for student recruitment; and other essential needs by our faculty members are partly supported by the IA program.