Optics Is Nobel Pursuit

The Nobel Foundation announced its latest prizewinners in physics and chemistry, and optical technologies are at the center of both awards.

One-On-One with Joseph W. and Hon Mai Goodman

In the second installment of our Donor Spotlight series, we interview Joseph and Hon Mai Goodman.

Practical Optics Workshops

We've developed an ongoing series of workshops geared toward developing hands-on experience for both optical engineering students and those already in the workforce.

50th Anniversary Banquet at Old Tucson

Enjoy a bang-up time at the world-famous Old Tucson in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Space is limited, so register now!

OSC Light Moments

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we are presenting a weekly series of short, light-hearted pieces about OSC's earliest years.

Find Out What's New in Photonics

Read more about the cutting-edge projects in photonics taking place at OSC.

OSC Is a Proud Supporter of the National Photonics Initiative

The NPI brings together experts from industry, academia and government to help guide funding and investment in key photonics-driven fields.

Optical Design & Testing Short Course Program

The College of Optical Sciences and Utsunomiya University is pleased to present our fifth series of Optical Science and Engineering short courses in Japan.

One-On-One with James C. Wyant

In our first Donor Spotlight, we share with you an interview of James C. Wyant and discover what drives his passion for optical sciences.

DKIST Mirror Blank Delivered

View the photo gallery of this enormous mirror being delivered to the Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility.

Spring Industrial Affiliates Workshop

The Industrial Affiliates Workshop took place on March 3-5, bringing industry partners together with OSC students and faculty.

Barrett Elected to NAE

Scholar and mentor Harrison H. Barrett is the latest OSC faculty member named to the National Academy of Engineering. 

College Receives $10 Million for Scholarships

The historic gift from Professor Emeritus James C. Wyant will help attract top graduate student talent.

13 FoTO Scholarships Established

New FoTO (Friends of Tucson Optics) awards will provide stipend, tuition and fee support for graduate students. 

arrows Watch the OSC Video: Lighting the Future play

Our Lighting the Future video provides illustrative examples of the many diverse opportunities that students will have in the pursuit of optics and photonics at The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences.



The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences is one of the premier educational and research institutions in optics and photonics worldwide. We focus on educating outstanding students with a broad foundation in all areas of optics and on providing practical experience and highly competitive technical skills. Our research program spans from optical engineering to fundamental optical physics, from photonics to image science, and provides unique opportunities to pursue cutting-edge applications of optics in real systems. Our graduates become professors, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, working in academia, industry, government and business around the globe.

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