College of Optical Sciences (OSC) Advisory Board


The Mission of the Advisory Board is to help identify the effective strategies and opportunities to foster and develop leading academic, research, and philanthropic partnerships and programs that advance the mission of the College of Optical Sciences’ goal. This goal is to be the internationally preeminent program and education, research, and outreach in all aspects of the science and application of light.


Robert Edmund, chair

Chief Executive Officer
Edmund Optics
Tucson, Arizona

Christoph Fark

Executive Vice President, Advanced Optics 
Mainz, Germany 

Joseph W. Goodman

Professor Emeritus
Stanford University
Los Altos, California

John B. Hayes

Citation Jet Pilots Inc.
Tucson, Arizona

Thomas L. Koch

College of Optical Sciences
Tucson, Arizona

Philip Lam

Lam Optics
Tucson, Arizona

Leonard P. Mott

Managing Partner
MLD Technologies, LLC
Mountain View, California

Jacobus M. (Jim) Oschmann

Vice President and General Manager
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Civil Space and Technology
Broomfield, Colorado

Rick Plympton

Chief Executive Officer
Optimax Systems Inc.
Ontario, New York

John R. Rogers

Senior Scientist for Imaging Optical Design
Synopsys, Inc.
Pasadena, California

Kaye Rowan

Senior Director of Development
College of Optical Sciences
Tucson, Arizona

Russell Spaulding

Optical Systems Engineering Group
Jacksonville, Florida

James C. Wyant

OSC Founding Dean and Professor Emeritus
College of Optical Sciences
Tucson, Arizona