April 22 | The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Newsletter


    Have Telescope, Will Travel

    The elementary students of Tucson are yearning for the stars, and the College of Optical Sciences wants to help. But we need your help to do it!

    On May 1 and May 7, the college will sponsoring two Star Parties at two local schools (John B. Wright Elementary on Linden St. and C.E. Rose K-8 on W. Michigan, respectively). The action starts at dusk and runs until 9 p.m., and anyone in the OSC community with a portable telescope or a few hours to spare is invited to join.

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    OSC Hosts National Academy of Engineering Meeting in May

    The National Academy of Engineering Regional Meeting will be held in the Meinel Building on Monday, May 20, where special lectures by J. Roger P. Angel, Jim H. Burge, Olivier Guyon, Buell T. Jannuzi and Dante S. Lauretta will highlight some of the University's past, present and future research projects in astronomy and optical sciences.

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    Ah Spring, When the Mind Turns to Thoughts Of ...

    ... Camping, of course. How does this weekend sound?

    SOCk, the UA Student Optics Chapter, will scale Mt. Lemmon on April 27 to set up tents and set out on hikes, and they encourage any and all undergrads, graduate students, faculty, staff and friends to join in. You can go just for the day, or you can contribute $5 per person to the site fee and stay for the night. (You'll get free breakfast!)

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    Fabrication Webinar on April 25

    Assistant research professor Dae Wook Kim is holding a Photonics Media webinar on Thursday at 10 a.m., and OSC faculty, staff, students and affiliates are invited to dial in.

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    Award Ceremony in Early May

    The college's 2012-2013 scholarship and award winners will be recognized in an afternoon ceremony on Thursday, May 2, in Meinel 307. There, OSC will take the opportunity to honor the academic achievements of its many exceptional students, as well as the generosity of the many alumni and friends who have invested in the next generation of optics excellence by offering scholarship support.

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    'Racing the Sun' With Solar Go-Karts

    The Office of University Research Parks and their colleagues would like to invite OSC to their thoroughly enjoyable "Racing the Sun" competition, in which local high school students strap on their helmets and strap in their vehicles to see just how quickly their solar-powered go-karts can complete the course.

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    Former Energy Secretary to Speak in Boston

    OSC's Boston-area alums and affiliates are encouraged to attend a May 9 seminar in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Lincoln Laboratory Auditorium, where former U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu will present "A View of Optical Sciences: From Basic Physics to Bio/medicine to Energy."

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    Holography and Lithography Workshops Coming Soon

    The 2013 Computer Generated Holography and Diffractive Optical Elements Workshop and Optics of Imaging in Lithography Workshop, both directed by professor Tom D. Milster, will soon hit the halls of the Meinel Building.

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    Deadline Approaches for Video and Essay Contest

    The first annual Enabled by Optics competition held by the Optical Society (OSA) ends on April 30. Entrants choose from two different tracks with two different requirements, but everyone answers one really big question: What do the optical sciences have to do with anything, anyway?

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    Travel Grant for OSA OPC

    Any student planning to present a paper or provide a poster for Imaging and Applied Optics, the Optics and Photonics Congress held in late June in Arlington, Va., is encouraged to submit an application for a Robert S. Hilbert Memorial Student Travel Grant by May 7.

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    Special Presentation: Tomasz S. Tkaczyk

    April 25, 3:30 p.m., Meinel 307

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    Community Speakers: Russell A. Chipman and Alexander Miles

    April 26, Noon-1 p.m., Meinel 408/410

    Classes End

    May 1

    Star Party

    May 1, Dusk-9 p.m., John B. Wright Elementary School

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    Scholarships and Outstanding Student Awards Ceremony

    May 2, 3-5 p.m., Meinel 307; registration required

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    Media Mentions

    Associate Professor Hua and Alumna Czajkowski, M.S. 2009, Chosen for Calendar

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    Joint Professor Walker's Polar Telescope Seeks Baby Nebulae

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    Greivenkamp Discusses Distance Learning, Journey to Optics [Japanese Language Website]

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    Contracts & Grants

    New Generation of High-Powered Widely Tunable Mid-Infrared Lasers Using Novel Collinear Orthogonally Polarized Two-Color Semiconductor VECSEL

    Principal Investigator: Mahmoud Fallahi

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    Students in the Spotlight

    Outstanding Students, Indeed

    Every spring, the College of Optical Sciences recognizes its outstanding senior undergraduates and graduate students, as nominated by professors and selected by faculty committee. These students receive special acknowledgement at the annual awards ceremony, and their portraits hang for a year on the walls of the Academic Programs office.

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    Sears Remains GPSC Rep

    Graduate student Jasmine Sears has agreed to represent the College of Optical Sciences in the UA Graduate and Professional Student Council for another year.

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    Watts Happening

    A Note on Last Week's Events

    The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences would like to send health and healing to all of those affected by the events last week in Boston and West, Texas. The ramifications and, indeed, the complicated emotions of such times can echo and linger — and among the most important factors in getting back to one's best is a warm and supportive social foundation.

    Know that such a community exists for you here in Tucson, in the halls of the Meinel Building. And we wish you well.

    Employment Opportunities

    Associate Applications Engineer | Zygo

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    Electro-Optics/Laser Engineer | Advanced Scientific Concepts Inc.

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    Optical Engineering Intern | GEOST

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