Dec. 6 | The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Newsletter


    Winter 2012 Laser Fun Day

    On Saturday, Dec. 1, the University of Arizona Student Optics Chapter invited kids and grown-ups across the Tucson area to join them for their third Laser Fun Day extravaganza. Hundreds of eager science enthusiasts gathered to learn more about the wonders of optics.

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    Festivities and Photos

    Unsurprisingly, the College of Optical Sciences houses a few talented photographers, two of whom showed their work today at the annual holiday luncheon. As carols rang through the third-floor lobby, students and staff milled around easels displaying photographs by graduate students Clarissa Kenney (gallery) and Chris Summitt (gallery).

    If you're interested in purchasing a print, for yourself or as a gift, please email the photographer.

    Reaching Out, Teaching Optics

    Trin Riojas, coordinator at the NSF Center for Integrated Access Networks headquartered at the College of Optical Sciences, reported some recent activity from OSC's amazing volunteers, who are coordinated by an outreach committee consisting of J. Scott Tyo and representatives from OSC, SOCk, WiO and CIAN.

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    Holiday Luncheon

    Thursday, Dec. 6, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., Third-Floor Lobby

    Final Exams

    Dec. 7-Dec. 13

    Faculty Distinctions

    Journal Notes New Work on Anderson Localization

    A paper coauthored by associate professor of physics and optical sciences Philippe Jacquod was published on Dec. 2, 2012, on the website of Nature Photonics.

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    Gehm's Gigapixels? Big News

    A paper coauthored by professor of electrical and computer engineering and optical sciences Michael E. Gehm was listed among Optics and Photonics News' most exciting papers of the year, as reported by their December issue (see page 31).

    Alumni Dispatches

    King Takes Prize-winning Pic

    Congratulations go to Page King, B.S. 2012, for her second place finish in the 2012 Optics and Photonics News After Image competition. (You'll find her entry on page 19 of the magazine's December issue.)

    Watts Happening

    Things Seen in Scotland

    On a recent trip to Scotland, professor Eustace L. Dereniak managed to take a few small stops outside his official duties as president of SPIE. Among these were the Royal Observatory at Edinburgh, where he posed with Newton's famous death mask (photo), and 800-year-old Fyvie Castle, where he donned traditional Scottish garb (photo).

    Employment Opportunities

    Internship/Paid Temporary Position | Opto-Cal

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