July 9 | The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Newsletter


    Etendue: Jannick P. Rolland-Thompson

    Welcome to Etendue, featuring interesting and accomplished individuals known for their leadership and contributions both with their careers and the College of Optical Sciences, in their own words. (For a similar view on the college’s best and brightest – our students – please check out Another Wavelength among our Students in the Spotlight.)

    This week, we hear from Jannick P. Rolland-Thompson, Ph.D. 1990.

     The throughput of a life in optics banner

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    The Science of Rainbows in the Desert

    Dewbows and glories and sun dogs – learn about all these "spectra-cular" phenomena, and more, in an article by Professor Emeritus William L. Wolfe Jr. in Tuesday's Arizona Daily Star.

    A rainbow spans a cloudy sky

    He explains why Tucsonans are most likely to see their monsoon rainbows in the late-afternoon eastern sky.

    Dynamic Scattering: Meet Visiting Scholar Janos Keresztes

    Given its world-class reputation, it's no surprise that the College of Optical Sciences attracts world-class talent. Augmenting our ranks each semester are several visiting scholars, faculty and students who travel to Tucson for a few weeks or months to collaborate with OSC researchers.

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    Upcoming Events

    SPIE Optics + Photonics Conference

    Aug. 9-13, San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego; registration required

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    OSC Alumni and Industrial Affiliates Reception in San Diego

    Aug. 11, 5:30-7 p.m., Bayside Pavilion, San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina, 333 West Harbor Drive, San Diego; registration required

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    Classes Begin

    Aug. 24

    Media Mentions

    Contracts & Grants

    Long-Wavelength Electromagnetic Light Bullets Generated by a 10.6-Micrometer Carbon Dioxide Ultrashort Pulsed Source

    Principal Investigator: Jerome V. Moloney

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    Industrial Affiliates Updates

    Welcome, Imagine Optic

    The college is pleased to welcome Imagine Optic as its newest Leadership Partner in the Industrial Affiliates program.

    Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Orsay, France, Imagine Optic is a world leader in providing Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing hardware and software, adaptive optics technologies, and professional services in applied optics.

    Employment Opportunities

    To see who's hiring at the college and around the optics industry, please visit the OSC website's Employment section.

    Assistant, Associate or Full Professor (Tenure-Eligible) | UA College of Optical Sciences

    Tucson, Arizona

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    Optical Engineer/Physicist | ASML

    Wilton, Connecticut

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    Intern | Apple

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    Optical Engineer | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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    Optics Product Specialist | StarrTrax

    Irvine, California

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