May 15 | The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Newsletter


    Engineering Design Day Winners

    UA Engineering Design Day

    The 2017 University of Arizona Engineering Design Day took place on May 1, comprised of more than 500 seniors in over 150 teams. Numerous OSE students were among the inventive winners.

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    2017 Tokyo Short Course

    The College of Optical Sciences and Utsonomiya University are pleased to present the fifth in a series of optical sciences and engineering short courses, taking place August 1-3 in Tokyo, Japan. 

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    CIAN Call for Summer Volunteers

    CIAN Summer Camp

    The Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) will be hosting two EASIS (Expect Academic Success in STEM) optical science summer camps here at OSC, and they're in need of student and faculty volunteers. 

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    Applied Optics Lab Wins Optimax Grant

    The Applied Optics Laboratory (AOL), led by Professor Rongguang Liang, was recently awarded the Optimax Research Grant.

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    Pre-Commencement Photos Online

    2017 OSC Pre-Commencement Photos

    All of us at the College of Optical Sciences wish to congratulate our Spring 2017 graduates. Good luck in all your future endeavors! Photos from the May 11 Pre-Commencement Celebration are now online

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    Grads, Keep In Touch

    To all graduating students: Be aware that as your OSC and UA email addresses expire, so does your subscription to Watts Up! 

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    Upcoming Events

    Memorial Day Holiday - no classes

    May 29

    Media Mentions

    Contracts & Grants

    Nonequilibrium Semiconductor Disk Laser Theory and Simulation: Robust, Novel Multi-Functional Source for Femtosecond Pulsed and Multi-Wavelength CW Generation

    Principal Investigator: Jerome V. Moloney

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    Design of Volumetric and Large Volume-Spatio-And-Angular-Bandwidth Product Display

    Principal Investigator: Yuzuru Takashima

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    SPOT AO Consultation

    Principal Investigator: Michael Hart

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    SWIRP: Compact Submm-Wave and LWIR Polarimeters for Cirrus Ice Properties

    Principal Investigator: Russell A. Chipman

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    GOES-R Field Campaign Support

    Principal Investigator: Jeffrey S. Czapla-Myers

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    A High Efficiency Flat Plate PV with Integrated Micro-CPV Atop a 1-Sun Panel (MOSAIC)

    Principal Investigator: Robert A. Norwood

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    Secure Erasure of Optical Storage Devices Research

    Principal Investigator: Tom D. Milster

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    Ultrafast Deep UV Laser Source by all Intracavity Fourth Harmonic Generation

    Principal Investigator: Chris Hessenius

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    Students in the Spotlight

    Another Wavelength: Dawson Baker

    College of Optical Sciences - Student Spotlight - Dawson Baker

    This month in Another Wavelength, we chat with fourth-year Ph.D. candidate, Dawson Baker.

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    Student Optics Chapter Announces New Officers

    Benjamin Cromey, outgoing President of the Student Optics Chapter (SOCk) has announced the academic year 2017-2018 officers. 

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    The Spotlight Report Podcast

    Optical Sciences students Xiangyu Guo and Logan Graves created a bi-weekly podcast that covers the latest in optical sciences and its applications to various sectors. Be sure to "like" their facebook page, and find more information on how to follow their podcast on the LOFT website

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    Launching Your Career Wrap-Up

    Women In Optics - Launching Your Career Wrap Up

    The 2017 Launching Your Career Symposium took place on April 8, and was considered an enormous success. 

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    2017 OPTI 424/524 Final

    Students from Professor Matthew Dubin's OPTI 424/524 Optical Systems Engineering course gathered on an overcast day to take the practical final.

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    Watts Happening

    OSC Family Grows

    College of Optical Sciences - New Babies

    The College of Optical Sciences' extended family grew by two in April, with the births of Aria Singh and Finnian Hunt.

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    New Staff & Roles

    There have been a few staff changes within the Academic Programs office lately, and all of us at OSC wish to welcome our new team members, congratulate a promotion and wish a happy retirement to a long-time staff member.

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    Employment Opportunities