May 25 | The University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences Newsletter


    Reflections: B. Roy Frieden

    OSC Reflections

    Welcome to Reflections, a series of bimonthly biographies featuring OSC Emeritus faculty, written by Tammy Orr. This month, we highlight B. Roy Frieden.

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    Greivenkamp and Wick Candidates in SPIE Election

    SPIE's 2017 election is open June 12 through July 26. On the slate for vice president are Peter Hartmann from Schott AG in Germany and our own John E. Greivenkamp

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    City Hall Wavy Grating Kiosk Refreshed

    Over 20 years ago, the Tucson City Council approved Professor Emeritus Stephen F. Jacobs' proposal to place a 50 foot by 14 foot wavy diffraction grating atop City Hall.

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    Research Lab Accepts Microscope from Generous Donor

    Rudi Rottenfusser donates microscope to Judith Su's lab.

    Friend to the College, Rudi Rottenfusser, recently donated a very special Ziess OpMi 1 microscope with custom illumination for coaxial incident or transmitted light to the College of Optical Sciences. 

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    CIAN Call for Summer Volunteers

    The Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN) will be hosting two EASIS (Expect Academic Success in STEM) optical science summer camps here at OSC, and they're in need of student and faculty volunteers. 

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    OSC's History with Cassini's Saturn Rendezvous

    On April 21, the New York Times ran an article entitled Cassini's Grand Finale: A Dive Between Saturn and Its Rings. As the Cassini spacecraft plunges toward Saturn, where no human artifact has ever gone, we look back on the relationship between Cassini and the College of Optical Sciences.

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    Photonics Search Engine

    Looking for photonics equipment and products? Take a look at FindLight, which is the world's most organized catalog of photonics products.

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    Spotlight Report Podcast Seeks Topics

    The Spotlight Report, a weekly optics podcast, is looking for new researchers and topics to cover. Co-creators Logan Graves and Xiangyu Guo sit down with researchers to discuss recent breakthroughs.

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    AISPIRE After-School Program

    As part of the AISPIRE (American Indian Student-Parent Involved Research Experience) after school program collaboration with San Simon Day School on the Tohono O'odham Reservation, CIAN recently co-hosted a special San Simon Family STEM Night.

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    Watts Up! On Break

    Watts Up! will be going on a temporary hiatus from June 5 through July 7, which will affect three issues: June 8, June 22 and July 6. During the break, newsworthy items may be sent to Graeme Hunt, media content manager, at Content will be gathered for inclusion once the newsletter resumes on July 20. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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    Media Mentions

    Contracts & Grants

    Multiple Occlusion with Transmission of LCD

    Principal Investigator: Rongguang Liang

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    Students in the Spotlight

    OSC Students Among NSF Fellowship Recipients

    It is no question that Optical Sciences students are among the University of Arizona's elite. Three OSC students were awarded prestigious research fellowships, which support outstanding graduate students who have demonstrated the potential to be high-achieving scientists and engineers.

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    OSC Students Integral in Satellite Tracking Telescopes

    College of Optical Sciences undergrads Ryan Bronson and Marco Colpo were among the UA Engineering team that has received much attention for building two telescopes that will track satellites, at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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    Women In Optics Receives Mini-Grant

    The Women in Optics (WiO) club was awarded a $1,500 mini-grant from the UA Commission of Women (SCW) for their proposal on the Women in Optics Networking & Professional Development Program.

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    SPIE Announces 2017 Scholarship Recipients

    SPIE recently announced its 2017 scholarship awards, and among them are numerous OSC students.

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    Superlative Staff

    Student Interface Awards Announced

    Each spring, the College of Engineering recognizes faculty and staff who have made special efforts in serving the student population. This year's winners are ...

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    Employment Opportunities