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Principals of Opticks

Optics is known for its landmark discoveries, and science will continue to be shaped by principal figures whose insight and dedication impact the future in bold ways.

Established in 2013, the Principals of Opticks is a prestigious group-recognizing patrons who are committed to advancing opportunities for future leaders in this field by generously donating $75,000 or more to an endowment at the University of Arizona Wyant College of Optical Sciences.


  • John A. and Elizabeth S. Armstrong
  • Harrison H. and Catherine C. Barrett
  • Nicolaas and Huberta D. Bloembergen
  • Boye Foundation, Inc.
  • DeBell Family -- Michael DeBell; Gary DeBell; Margaret DeBell
  • DeMund Foundation -- Chuck DeMund
  • Robert M. and Gwynne Edmund
  • Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation
  • Joseph W. and Hon Mai Goodman 
  • John B. Hayes and Jane C. Quale  
  • Jack L. Jewell
  • Lawrence A. and Nancy M. Johnson
  • James L. and Mary Jo Lake
  • Willis E. Lamb Jr. 
  • Masud and Annegret Mansuripur
  • James W. Mayo III
  • Sean J. McCafferty
  • Kenneth E. and Michele L. Moore 
  • Jacobus M. and Michelle L. Oschmann
  • Anne C. Palmer and Bruce R. Harker 
  • Nasser N. Peyghambarian
  • Robert O. Reynolds
  • J. Michael Rodgers
  • John R. and Dana Rogers
  • Jannick P. Rolland and Kevin P. Thompson 
  • Murray and Kamela Sargent III
  • Richard L. Shoemaker
  • SPIE 
  • William L. and Mary Lou Wolfe 
  • James C. Wyant
  • John M. Zavada



Photo of James C. Wyant by Margy Green