Why Give?

Why Give to the Wyant College of Optical Sciences?

At the Wyant College of Optical Sciences, we are out to change the world — and your support helps make this possible.

State funding provides only part of what it takes to run a world-class college. Private support helps us go above and beyond to attract brilliant students and faculty to Wyant College, helping them to maximize their potential. Your gifts help us fund scholarships and graduate fellowships to bring in top students, professorships to attract and retain exceptional faculty, and experiential learning to prepare students for their future beyond. These and other extraordinary opportunities will help the college’s community — and the field of optics — to thrive for many years to come. Thank you for making a difference at Wyant College.

You Make the Difference


The Principals of Opticks society recognizes those who have sponsored or contributed to an endowment at the Wyant College of Optical Sciences at a level of $75,000 or more.

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There Are Many Ways to Support

Outright and Annual Gifts

Thoughtful planning of your philanthropy to the Wyant College of Optical Sciences can help you achieve your objectives while supporting current and future generations of optical scientists and engineers. 

Planned Gifts

Including the college in your estate plans, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder annuity trusts, pooled income funds, life estate agreements, charitable lead trusts and revocable living trust agreements are also very important means to support the Wyant College of Optical Sciences.


Your contribution can cause indelible impacts. A scholarship endowment is a permanent fund that represents a legacy of your support and belief in the college. Depending on your interests, the income earned from your endowment can deliver much-needed aid to graduate and undergraduate students with scholarship support or enable the college to push forward in areas of strategic importance and program development, helping to maintain the college’s reputation for as the most notable optical sciences college in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Dean’s Fund for Excellence

The Dean's Fund for Excellence provides the college with greater opportunity to advance the learning experiences of students. Your gift to this unrestricted fund directly aids academic programing, student scholarships, graduate student teaching and research assistant fellowships, teaching lab upgrades and much more. By supporting the Dean's Fund for Excellence, your gift also invests in generations of optical scientists who will continue refining optical trends and introducing to us all new and exciting technologies.



Etendue features individuals known for their career successes as well as their contributions to the Wyant College of Optical Sciences.

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