Innovation and invention are daily occurrences at the College of Optical Sciences. The field of optics is full of possibilities — as Nobel laureate and OSC professor Nicolaas Bloembergen explains, " I think that what attracts me most ... is the eternal fascination of discovering, in my laboratory or at my desk, something that no one before me has found."

For more information about our faculty’s patents, see the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the UA Office of Technology Transfer's list of licensable technologies.


Patent Numbersort icon Patent Title OSC Author(s) All Authors
9,629,528 Imaging system, method and distal attachment for multidirectional field of view endoscopy Dongkyun "DK" Kang

Dongkyun "DK" Kang

9,615,748 Endoscopic biopsy apparatus, system and method Dongkyun "DK" Kang

Dongkyun "DK" Kang

9,415,550 System, method, and computer-accessible medium for fabrication miniature endoscope using soft lithography Dongkyun "DK" Kang

Dongkyun "DK" Kang

9,254,089 Apparatus and methods for facilitating at least partial overlap of dispersed ration on at least one sample Dongkyun "DK" Kang

Dongkyun "DK" Kang

9,044,299 Microfabricated instruments and methods to treat recurrent corneal erosions
8787519 System and method of optimizing a representation of dual energy spectral CT images Jiahua Fan

J. Fan, B. De Man, N. Chandra

8660226 Systems and methods for multichannel noise reduction Jiahua Fan

S. Narayanan, J. Fan, N. Chandra

8588494 System and method for material decomposition optimization in image domain Jiahua Fan

B. DeMan, J. Hsieh, N. Chandra, J. Pack, J. Fan

8363917 System and method of image artifact reduction in fast kVp switching Jiahua Fan

J. Fan, N. Chandra, A. Johnson, J. Hsieh, D. Fang, M. Kulpins, P. Crandall

8184775 Dynamic collimator for wide coverage and low dose cardiac CT imaging Jiahua Fan

J. Fan and R. Nilsen

8131042 Methods and apparatus for hybrid cone beam image reconstruction Jiahua Fan

X. Tang, J. Hsieh, F. Dong, J. Fan, T. Toth

8,889,454 Manufacture of thermoelectric generator structures by fiber drawing
8,879,352 Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic Imaging Devices and Methods Russell S. Witte
8,818,160 IR supercontinuum source using low-loss heavy metal oxide glasses Arturo Chavez-Pirson

Arturo Chavez-Pirson, Dan Trung Nguyen and Daniel Rhonehouse

8,805,133 Low-loss UV to mid IR optical tellurium oxide glass and fiber for linear, non-linear and active devices Arturo Chavez-Pirson

Arturo Chavez-Pirson and Daniel Rhonehouse

8,741,158 Superhydrophobic transparent glass (stg) thin film articles
8,668,812 Superhydrophobic coated apparatus for liquid purification by evaporative condensation
8,634,119 System for holography

Arkady Bablumyan, Pierre-Alexandre Blanche and Nasser Peyghambarian

8,591,481 Microfabricated instruments and methods to treat recurrent corneal erosion
8,497,021 Superoleophilic particles and coatings and methods of making the same