John E. Greivenkamp Endowed Scholarship in Optical Sciences

John Grievenkamp

John E. Greivenkamp received his Ph.D. from the Optical Sciences Center in 1980. After a decade as a research scientist with Eastman Kodak Co., he returned to the University of Arizona as a professor of optical sciences. He is renowned for an innovative teaching style that captivates and challenges students. His use of in-class demonstrations began the collection of antique telescopes and optical instruments that grew to become the Museum of Optics at the College of Optical Sciences.

A generation of optical engineers owes its understanding of geometrical optics to John. His dedication to teaching and the preservation of the historical legacy of optics has contributed to the excellence of the College of Optical Sciences.

The scholarship was instituted by David Steed, a friend of John’s who shares his enthusiasm for education and antique optics. The award supports undergraduate students with the aim of instilling an appreciation of how the historical foundation of optics leads to future innovations in optical instruments.


The Greivenkamp Scholarship is open to incoming third- and fourth-year undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the college. Academic excellence is desired but is not the principal determining factor for selection. The successful candidate will demonstrate an exemplary work ethic, interest in optics-related activities outside the usual academic pursuits, and technical creativity and inventiveness.


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  • Danielle Balicki

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