Apply Today! M.S. in Optical Sciences Subplan in Quantum Information Science & Engineering

April 5, 2023
MS in Quantum Info degree focus

Now accepting applications for on-campus and now online! The M.S. Degree in Optical Sciences - Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE). 

Laying the foundation to serve as a national model in QISE education, the QISE subplan at Wyant College of Optical Sciences is designed to meet industry’s growing need for a transdisciplinary workforce with expertise in Quantum Information (QI). Providing students with theoretical and hands-on experience with an array of quantum equipment spanning the fields of engineering, computer science, physics, and math, the QISE subplan also provides training on the social, ethical, and legal implications of QI technology.

Students would also be a member of the NSF-ERC Center for Quantum Networks. The NSF Engineering Research Center is directly involved in developing the entire technology stack to reliably carry quantum data across the globe, serving diverse applications across many user groups simultaneously. The curriculum combines tailored courses in quantum mechanics, information theory, computer science, optics and materials, algorithms, and communications system engineering with experiential courses in law and social sciences and laboratory courses. Most of these courses are not yet offered at USA universities even though the relevant skills are in high demand with industry partners.

Find more information and course requirements for the QISE program here. The program information is also accessible through the University of Arizona’s Graduate College here and typing QISE in the search bar. More information on obtaining a M.S. in Optical Sciences at the Wyant College may be found here.