First UArizona Museum Day

March 23, 2024
UArizona Museum Day

The first UArizona Museum Day was a huge success for all participating museums on campus! The Wyant College of Optical Sciences had its doors open from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. on March 23rd and saw many excited visitors interested in learning more about the mysteries and history of optical sciences. Prof. Daewook Kim and a host of amazing volunteers greeted them with hands-on STEM demos and an invitation to take the self-guided tour throughout the building's halls to enjoy the collection initiated by the late, Prof. Emeritus John E. Greivenkamp, the museum's namesake. 

Learn more about the John E. Greivenkamp Museum of Optics.

A few kind words were also sent to Prof. Daewook Kim, thanking all the volunteers and effort to open the museum for this special day. 

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm at Saturday's open museum day. Your passion made the lobby's artifacts come to life, and we appreciated the opportunity to interact with them. Thanks for participating in the event.  I hope it helps the university have museum open house year 2."  by Arlen and David Kimmelman 

"I so enjoyed speaking with you yesterday at the Museum Day. What a memorable visit I had - looking through the glass sphere, talking about optics, telescopes, Jena, Frankfurt and Korea! Can you please forward this photo to your student on the 8th floor who so enthusiastically presented me her collection of self-made pinhole projectors? I want to specifically thank her by sharing my pinhole device construction which allowed me to safely view a partial solar eclipse a few years ago. What an enjoyable conversation - we both had big smiles on our faces… Please know my husband and I were so impressed by your students‘ presentation skills. Cheers to you and your entire staff for organizing this event." by Gijsbert and Susanne van Helden

A special thank you to the many volunteers who made this day possible!

Kay Greivenkamp
Daewook Kim
Jacob Vider
Acacia Han
Chris Obregon
Lars Furenlid
Giuseppe Lo Voi
Michelle Houseknecht
Vipender Singh Negi
Wenhua He
Will Reynolds
YuanYuan Sun
Amee Hennig
David Gonzalez
Hillary Mathis
Kaye Rowan
Carol Altizer
Tom Koch