Grand Challenges Research Building Construction Updates

July 3, 2024
GCRB comparison

GCRB is a new University of Arizona research facility leveraging the University of Arizona's core strengths to address the grand challenges identified in Pillar 2 of the University's strategic plan. GCRB is an interdisciplinary facility designed to foster conversations among sciences and programs. The seven-story building is located on Cherry Avenue as part of the Wyant College of Optical Sciences complex. The new building is south of Meinel West, and across the street from the Main Library. Wyant College of Optical Sciences occupies the basement, second, and third floors of the building. The first floor contains meeting areas. The NSF-ERC Center for Quantum Networks is located on the fourth floor. A breezeway connects the Meinel building to the GCRB adjoining Meinel's sixth level to GCRB's third level. The fifth and sixth floors are occupied by other university units, also dedicated to pursuing grand challenges. 

See the PD&C page for more details and updates.

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Grand Challenges Research Building, Timelapse of Construction

Grand Challenges Research Building, Daily Timelapse of Construction

Kitchell's Grand Journey Building the GCRB | Beginning to End

Final Walkthrough Before Building Open | April 2024

Time-lapse of Optics Table Delivery & Setup

A few fun facts!
  1. Optics tables being delivered range in size from 3'x6' all the way to 5'x10'. 
  2. The weight of the tables range from 660lbs to1660lbs.
  3. A few tables were customly installed to created different sizes and shapes. For example, there is a T shaped table in one lab and in another tables were bolted together making it 14'x4'.
  4. A total of 48 tables are being delivered and installed for the Wyant College of Optical Sciences.
  5. The yellow tool shown in the video is called a Vere Table Hoist.

January 2024 Walkthrough of GCRB Construction Site

January 2024 Video Walkthrough

Time-lapse of Telescope Mirror Delivery

August 2023 Video Walkthrough

August 2023 Walkthrough of GCRB Construction Site

July 2023 Drone Flyover

January 2023 Drone Flyover

August 2022 Drone Flyovers

First MegaPad Use 

July 2022 Walkthrough of GCRB Construction Site

May 2022 Walkthrough of GCRB Construction Site

March 2022 Drone Flyover

2021 Construction Progress

Groundbreaking Ceremony


Design Drawings