Monday Masquerade & Campus Food Pantry Fundraiser

Oct. 31, 2022
Monday Masquerade Fall 2022 60

Monday Masquerade Fall 2022 60

An amazing "Monday Masquerade" and fundraising event took place Oct. 31. Students, faculty and staff arrived (some!) in costume ready to celebrate the day, and a great fundraiser to support the UArizona Campus Food Pantry. A total of $207.88 was raised over the previous weeks towards the food pantry's cause. Three categories were available to contribute to: faculty, staff, and student. The category with the most funds raised was given the opportunity to pie-in-the-face the representatives from the other two categories.

The Breakdown

  • Staff - $52.95
  • Faculty - $28.41
  • Students - $126.52 WINNER!

Enjoy the following videos of the resulting pie-in-the-face's for both Chris Obregon and John Koshel.

High-resolution images are available. Please contact Amee Hennig, media content manager, at and let her know which images you request.