Optical Sciences Winter School 2023

Jan. 6, 2023
Winter School 2023 Group Photo

Winter School 2023 Group Photo

More than 60 undergraduates from across the country as well as approximately 20 optics professionals and faculty from other universities attended the 2023 Optical Sciences Winter School was held Jan. 4 – Jan. 7 and hosted by Wyant College of Optical Sciences.

The first two days featured lectures by Wyant College faculty on the fundamentals and applications of optics in image science, optical physics, photonics, and optical engineering. The final two days featured a panel on careers in optics along with short talks from external faculty. Highlights included four keynote talks. Keynote Speakers included Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland on Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), Marcia and George Rieke on designing cameras for the James Webb Space Telescope, Enrique Galvez on Einstein beams and the optics of gravitationally lensed light, and John Schaefer on applications of optics such as astronomy and photography.

Students majoring in a wide range of fields learned about opportunities throughout the country for graduate degrees in optics and photonics.