Takashima Laboratory

Date Published: November 20, 2014

Yuzuru Takashima's laboratory constructs innovative optical devices through a wide spectrum of optical science and engineering techniques. Research topics include the design and fabrication of nanophotonic devices, micro-optics, network-based optical input-output devices, and optical and holographic information storage. Among additional areas of interest are X-ray phase contrast imaging, ultrawide field-of-view imaging, micromirror fabrication, CMOS-compatible packaging for silicon photonics and heads-up displays for mobile applications.

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The Takashima Lab is currently working on Digital Holographic Data Storage, Imaging and Long-Range LIDAR, Near to Eye Displays, Photonic Channeled X-Ray Detetector Arrays, Free-Space Optical Communications, Ray Aberration Generators and Micro-Vertical Light Couplers.