Nov. 10, 2021
Outstanding staff

Congratulations to OSC's latest Staff Recognition Award winners! Cathleen Malia is our April SPOT Award recipient and Stephen Fleming is the August SPOT Award recipient. Additionally, Ameé Hennig receives the 2nd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award and Jason Orlowski receives the 3rd Quarter Peer-to-Peer award. Cathleen (nominated by Cyndy Barcelo) and Stephen (nominated by Saikat Guha) will each receive $50. Ameé (nominated by Melissa Griffiths) and Jason (nominated by Andrew Lowman) will each receive $250. All recipients were given certificates for their accomplishments. 


Cyndy shared a few exemplary features of Cathleen's work in her nomination:  

Lindsay Loebig Receives August 2018 SPOT Award from John Koshel"Cathleen "Cat" is always going the extra mile. She is willingly available to her colleagues to answer any questions and promptly assists them in completing any tasks. If I ever need extra assistance I reach out to Cat as she is readily available and willing to complete any extra projects I assign to her. Cat is effectively communicating with her Faculty/PI's when working on their financial reports and if she does not have answers for them she will find a solution. Cat is a joy to work with and is an amazing employee. "


Saikat speaks highly of Stephen in his nomination:  

Lindsay Loebig Receives August 2018 SPOT Award from John Koshel"Stephen took on a role as the Director of Innovation Ecosystem for CQN, bringing into the center his decades of business experience in deep tech, in industry and academia. Stephen brought excellent relevant expertise from his previous role as Director of Strategic Business Initiatives at RII. [Unexpectedly,] Stephen stepped into the administrative director position, and performed extremely well, while not compromising his role on the primary job. He always goes the extra mile to complete a task on CQN's administrative plate, whether or not the job is officially his."


Melissa shared her experience working with Ameé in her nomination:




"Amee Hennig is a person who does a lot of "Behind the Scenes" work.  I believe her work often goes unnoticed, as much of her work supports others with their projects.  Amee researched numerous options for virtual platforms to be used for the Scholarship Awards Ceremony and the Industrial Affiliates workshops...Amee is ALWAYS friendly and courteous whenever I reach out to her for assistance.  Although she may have other pressing deadlines, she never fails to be helpful with a smile. I truly value Amee and her work, and know that I can always count on her assistance whenever needed. "


Andrew highlights Jason's talents in his nomination:

Trin Riojas Receives 2018 3rd Quarter Peer to Peer Award from Amee Hennig"Jason regularly makes critical contributions to the success of the Optical Engineering and Fabrication Facility (OEFF). The work done in the OEFF is almost always new, and, therefore, prone to delays. Jason’s ability to find simple solutions can greatly reduce the risk of unexpected delays. When we’re behind schedule, and don’t know how we’re going to get the work done, we really don’t have time to do it twice. Jason’s insights help avoid this...Finally, Jason is curious and interested in the work done at the OEFF. This rubs off on others and makes for a more enjoyable work environment."

A very big congratulations to everyone from all of us at OSC! 

If you would like to nominate someone, please see the official Staff Recognition Program page on the OSC website, which includes an easy-to-use online nomination form.