Ph.D. Students

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Justina Bonaventura

PhD Student Outreach Chair, Wio Officer

Nick Brar

PhD Student Social Chair, WiO Officer

Clarissa DeLeon

PhD Student President, WiO Officer

Kevin Chew Figueroa

M.S. Student Ph.D. Student

Dominique "Nikki" Galvez

PhD Student Graphic Designer, WiO Officer

Jaclyn John

PhD Student Vice President, WiO Officer

Natzem Lima

Ph.D. Student Webmaster, WiO Officer

Pengyinjie Lyu

Ph.D. Student

Ryan Rhoades

Laser Research Scientist, Optical Sciences PhD Student

Paige Sawyers

PhD Student Lead Event Coordinator, WiO Officer

Alisha Whitehead

PhD Student Prism Week Chair, WiO Officer