M.S. in Optical Sciences + MBA Dual Degree

The Master of Science in Optical Sciences and MBA Dual Degree program prepares students to create and lead technology-based enterprises and to expertly manage the technology transfer process. The MBA portion of the dual degree emphasizes the areas of business foundation, advanced business, specialized entrepreneurship and specially designed coursework for professionals dedicated to the business of science.

Applications to M.S. in Optical Sciences + MBA Dual Degree Program

Students applying to the dual degree program must complete two applications: an application for the M.S. in Optical Sciences, and an application to the Eller College of Management's MBA program.

Find more information on submitting an application for the M.S. in Optical Sciences portion of the dual degree program.

For information about the MBA application, including application information and deadlines, please visit: https://ellermba.arizona.edu/fulltime/admissions/process.  Note that Eller MBA admission is only offered in the fall semester. For more information about the MBA degree program requirements or completing the Eller admission application, please email Steve Morrison, assistant director of the Full-Time MBA program, smorriso@email.arizona.edu or (520) 626-3391.

Coursework in Optical Sciences

  • Students pursuing the M.S. in Optical Sciences and MBA Dual Degree must complete all classes in both the College of Optical Sciences and the Eller College of Management with grades of B or higher. The M.S. in Optical Sciences requires 35 units of credit: 26 units of optics coursework and laboratories, three units of OPTI 909: Master’s Report, and two three-unit MBA courses (six units total) that will count toward both degrees.  
  • Students are required to complete one plan of study for each master's degree program. These plans of study must be submitted during the fall semester of the second year of the program. Note that 17 units may be "double-dipped" toward meeting the dual degree requirements.
  • The two required three-unit MBA courses will be considered transfer units.
  • The Optical Sciences Graduate Student Handbook is the complete reference of the M.S. program's requirements.

MBA Requirements

The MBA portion of the dual degree has its requirements set by the Eller College of Management. For more information please contact Steve Morrison, Director of Full-Time MBA Program, at smorriso@email.arizona.edu or 520-626-3391.

Final Oral Exam

The final oral exam will consist of an oral presentation based primarily on the master's report and the MBA summer project.

Duration of Program

Most students fulfill the M.S. portion of the degree requirements in two and a half years. The full dual degree program takes an estimated three to four years.