Non-degree admission to the University of Arizona's Graduate College allows individuals to take graduate-level coursework without committing to a graduate degree. 


Non-degree seeking graduate students apply for nondegree status to the Graduate College directly.   Please visit the University of Arizona's webpage on Nondegree Seeking graduate students for information about the program and admission requirements.


The University of Arizona does not offer funding for non-degree seeking students. Non-degree students are not eligible for the WRGP/WICHE program or for federal financial aid (FAFSA). To see the current tuition and fees rates, please visit the Tuition Calculator.

No minimum coursework is required. 

Nondegree seeking graduate students are eligible to take Optical Sciences courses with approval of the college and instructor.  In some cases, students will need to be enrolled by college staff to ensure that suitable prior preparation has been obtained.  If you are a nondegree student unable to enroll in an Optical Sciences course directly, please email or call (520)621-8418.  See also the Optical Sciences Graduate Student Handbook for additional information that pertains to Nondegree seeking students and course enrollment.