OSC's communications team, under the oversight of the dean, is responsible for managing the college's website, Watts Up! newsletter, marketing and promotional materials, press releases, UA branding and photographic support.

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Do you need a UA brand-approved College of Optical Sciences logo or a powerpoint template? Choose from a variety of templates and logo file formats, suitable for any application. 

Logos & Brand Graphics

Can I still use the OSC Diamond logo? With the implementation of the University of Arizona's new brand, all colleges and departments are being asked to reduce the use of legacy logos, including our own "rainbow diamond OSC" logo. You may still use the diamond logo (without the text) as long as it takes a secondary visual role to the main UA Brand Logo Lockup. Meaning, use the approved brand lockup more prominently, and the OSC diamond logo less prominent. Please read the brand guidelines PDF on correct logo usage for your particular audience and application.

If you have any questions regarding UA and OSC branding or need additional resources, please contact Amee Hennig, media content manager. 

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