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Ph.D. in Optical Sciences
B.S., Spring, 2008
M.S., Spring, 2013
M.S., Spring, 1986
B.S., Spring, 2012
M.S. in Optical Sciences
M.S., Fall, 1995
Ph.D., Fall, 2002
Regents' Professor of Medical Imaging
Regents' Professor of Optical Sciences
Regents' Professor of Mathematics
M.S., Spring, 1987
Ph.D., Spring, 1978
Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences
Professor Emeritus of Pathology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor of Optical Sciences
Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Professor at the BIO5 Institute
Director of the BIO5 Institute
B.S., Spring, 2010
Graduate Certificate, Spring, 2016
Joint Assistant Professor of Optical Sciences
Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
B.S., Spring, 1999
M.S., Spring 1988
Ph.D., Spring 1991
M.S., Fall, 1990
Ph.D., Fall, 1994
M.S., Spring, 2008
M.S. Spring, 1972